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Man with Exercise Ball Fetish Arrested Again


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  • Man with Exercise Ball Fetish Arrested Again

    Christopher Neil Bjerkness, the Duluth man with a fetish for slashing exercise balls with a knife, told police he was riding his bike from church Sunday afternoon when he needed to go to the bathroom, which is why he entered a school run by Northwoods Children’s Services.

    That information was contained in a complaint filed in St. Louis County District Court on Tuesday charging Bjerkness with third-degree burglary.

    Bjerkness, 33, told police that he was “just trying to find a bathroom.” He said he was able to slide a window open at the Northwoods Chester Creek Academy at 714 W. College St., and crawl in.

    A motion detector alerted staff that someone had entered. A staff member told police that a man later identified as Bjerkness was found in the play therapy room. An investigating officer observed several large exercise balls in the area where the defendant had been. A school employee told police that the window that Bjerkness entered wouldn’t have been open. The officer found the window lock broken.
    Bjerkness has past convictions for burglaries into fitness and physical therapy settings where he has damaged exercise balls.

    Bjerkness told the News Tribune in a 2009 interview that he couldn’t explain his fetish. He said he suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, bipolar depression and cerebral palsy. That information was later confirmed by his adoptive parents.

    The defendant appeared before Judge Mark Munger expressionless and without speaking. St. Louis County prosecutor Leslie Beiers asked the court to set Bjerkness’s bail at $50,000 based on his prior history.

    Public defender Andrew Poole asked that a minimal bail be imposed. He suggested that the defendant isn’t a flight risk because he has a girlfriend and her mother in the area. He said Bjerkness also attends church. Munger set bail at $50,000.

    Munger was the same judge who sentenced Bjerkness in 2009, when Bjerkness was convicted of third-degree burglary after he admitted breaking into the SMDC-Duluth Clinic West building and slashing balls there. At that time Munger lectured him that unless he stopped carrying out his bizarre fetish, he could some day find himself facing an indeterminate civil commitment as a sexual psychopath.

    Sexual psychopaths can be civilly committed after they have completed their prison sentences if the court determines they still pose a risk to the public. It can be a lifelong commitment.

    Bjerkness was convicted in 2005 of first-degree criminal damage to property after making an unauthorized entry into the Sports and Health Center at the University of Minnesota Duluth on several occasions between February and September of 2004 and damaging inflatable exercise balls. He admitted to using a knife to slash about 72 exercise balls during three incidents at the college. The different-sized balls were valued at $30 to $60 each.

    In pleading guilty in that case, Bjerkness also admitted slashing balls at the St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Center for Personal Fitness. He said he entered the center by jimmying a locked door with his knife. The fitness center reported to police that 40 balls had been slashed.

    Bjerkness also was convicted in 2006 of third-degree burglary for entering the Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center and damaging inflatable exercise balls there.

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    Without Germany, you would not have won World War 2.

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    No wonder the guy's messed up, look at his name, LOL. Bjerkness? Can you imagine the ribbing he must've gotten growing up, lol?


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      It's probably pronounced better than it looks....maybe "yerkness"....but it looks like "bajerkness"...lol


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        lmfaooo thats hilarious
        Been chatting to a girl online. She's funny, sexy and flirty. Now she tells me she is an undercover cop! How cool is that at her age!?


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          Originally posted by EmmaPeel View Post
          It's probably pronounced better than it looks....maybe "yerkness"....but it looks like "bajerkness"...lol
          bee yerk ness.
          Originally posted by kontemplerande
          Without Germany, you would not have won World War 2.


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            but sooner or later we all get to meet God. -- Edward Conlon


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              there are some WEIRD people out there
              "I don't go on "I'maworthlesscumdumpster.com" and post negative **** about cum dumpsters."
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              "Are you referring to the secret headquarters of a fictional crime fighter or penal complex slang for a-$$hole, anus or rectum?"

              "and we all know you are a poser and a p*ssy.... "
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                He should come to Cali, we have all sorts of guys with a thing for balls.
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