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Creed and Wallflowers Concert


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  • Creed and Wallflowers Concert

    With last nights tv viewing plastered with election results, speaches, and reguler programming pretty much off the air, I turned to VH1 to Creed/Wallflowers concert live from Alcatraz. What a great show!! Better than watching election results and politians.
    Two great bands.

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    I saw the Wallflowers a few years ago. They opened up for Blues Traveler. The Wallflowers put on a great show.
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      I saw the Wallflowers a few years ago at a "Feastival" in Philly (JB knows what I mean! ). I was so unimpressed with them, most especially with Dylan. It's amazing Jacob could remember the words to any of the songs, let alone sing. He was stoned out of his mind.

      I did, however, get to see some other decent bands that night. I saw Everclear, Live, Good Charlotte (I love them!), and Fuel.

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        Caught the Creed part of the show last night...thought it was great. I'm a '70's rock and roller......haven't bought anything outside that time period.......however I've taken a real liking to Creed. Several of their songs have...deep meaning to me since I've gone through a rough period in the last year.


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          I got to see Creed at the Staples Center, or Arena, or whatever it is in LA when I was in San Bernardino for training. That was the second time I've seen / heard them in concert ... the first time was ... on Alcatraz. It was a really tough assignment, listening to music, and keeping the drunks from urinating all over the island. They even provided us with a meal, since we were out there from about 1400hrs - 2300hrs. It was chilly, but, at least the rain stopped before the concert started.
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