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Officers: Why do you think Criminals commit crimes?


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  • Officers: Why do you think Criminals commit crimes?

    Hey Everyone,

    I am not sure if you guys (and gals) can help me, but I thought it would be worth a shot.

    As I mention in another thread, I am going to school for Criminal Justice. (Following in the family business).

    In one of my classes we have to write a paper one something based on our degree course itself, though a topic of our choice. I choose mine as, “Why do people choose crimes over careers? Or Why people (like ourselves) choose a career over crime?”

    If you wouldn’t mind.. Can you explain or tell me what it is you see on the road? Are more criminals choosing crime over the impulse of it or because someone in their family has done it? Lazy? A mental disorder?

    I had a thought of just sending surveys to the local jails (where my father has friends) but most of them are standing trial and wouldn’t answer questions (obviously) admitting quilt or not. There is a prison I found online that does some sort of pen pal programs, in which I was going to send anonymous mail to them with a survey with a PO Box as a return address, but someone mentioned that they cover the paper in nastiest and send it back. (Does that really happen?)

    Typically on a day to day basis, are you finding that the people you arrest are mental ill, it’s a family business, drug use?

    What is your experience?
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    Because they are selfish (don't care about anyone except themselves) and lazy.

    Criminals will probably give you some line of BS about growing up underprivileged or drugs.


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      Criminals do not respect the society and they feel that they are entitled to what's owned by others. They also want to make easy money and glorifies the life style of being criminals.


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        ^^They hit it on the head.


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          They are a very giving kind of people. They know that us in the criminal justice field need employment, so they thoughtlessly give of themselves for the greater good. I applaud all criminals everywhere. Thank you for being so selfless!
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            and here I thought it was the need of research material for criminal justice students.....


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              I get that are lazy and such. Though how do they get started? Have you found that they come from a family full of criminals, that they are mentally disabled and don't know how to make right choices? Or that they are just ignorant, drug addict people that don't care?

              I just figured it would have to start some where. The choice of committing that first crime or do you think they have no rational thought process at all?


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                Criminals have a strange similarity to criminal justice students... they want stuff but aren't willing to work for it. So, they take it from people who have worked for the knowledge/possessions.

                It makes perfect sense. It's the same reason that people never get off welfare. Why bother? Why work for something when other people will bust their *** and you can just sit back and reap the benefits. If the punishment doesn't outweigh the benefit, the only thing to truly stop you is your conscience. In a society that glorifies and even applauds criminal activity, it's no surprise that lazy people/criminals take the easy way.

                Why did I do my own research... er, I mean... why do I not sit on my *** or steal from other people. I have more self respect and had a set of values instilled in me by my parents.
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                  Because they want to. There are too many specific motivations to list.
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                    When you have some time, go visit your local library or bookstores like Barnes and Nobles or Borders and look for books on infamous criminals and it list number of well known criminals and their bio.

                    I understand you are trying to do research for your school work, but rather than relying on O.com for personal opinions, you should rely on your own research.


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                      I wasn't looking to find clinical information, just your open person experiences.

                      But your points are understood and taken.

                      Sorry to bother you guys.


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                          There are experts that would try to have us believe that the bases of good and evil, Law abiding and criminal is all tied up in our DNA. They would like us to think that we do not have a choose in what direction our lives take and it is up to society as a whole in order to shape or reprogram that DNA in to an image of ones mine.

                          How ever a better understanding could be proven that we are born with out the thoughts of crime, evil or good. The shaping of ones life is in part a reflection of his up bringing and how his parents / parent raised him or her. For if ones parents are screaming spit slinging drug users from the time the child is born until he or she enters adult hood there is great hope in them turning on a reflection of such. Much like having parents that yell at the child push them around or show very little love will most likely lead to bulling in a class room.

                          We seem to have become a society of "Every one is a winner" with out teaching or allowing a child to learn about loosing. With the age of computers and video games teaching children the arts of stealing cars, making the 100% head shot, along with T.V showing how cool it is to smoke weed or do drugs in order to open up ones mind and feel free all while the parent is busy doing their on thing, There is no wonder crime and selfish deeds are on the rise.

                          Ok maybe I missed what he was asking!
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                            Wide variety of reasons and it ranges from a homeless guy stealing food to survive to a sub human psychopath who murders for fun or fame.
                            Life is what you make of it


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                              Originally posted by avalon42 View Post

                              If practical experience and an interview is what you need, I suggest you use your family contacts to get hooked up with a ridealong, where you can quote the officer verbatim and it counts as original research. Best of luck to you.
                              Thank you! That's not a bad idea. With his 40+ years of service, he has to have a few hook ups.

                              I was trying to get a more universal idea as the the reality of what you guys deal with. I have read a few psychological books on the single mother theory as well as the abuse concept. While I think they have some clout, I wasn't sure how much of it was fluff.

                              I do want to add, I completely understand how it looks, a college student poppin looking for help or advice. Though I'm not the type to get someone to do all my work. The paper is done, I was just looking to add real world experience that you can't find in a book. avalon42, did open to my eyes at to how it would look on a paper. I never thought of it that way. So I really appreciate it.


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