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  • UK Officer Needs Helps

    I don't know if this is the right place to be posting this query but here it goes.

    I am a current serving UK Police Officer and have just come out of my two year probation period.

    Me and my girlfriend, who is a USC living in Ohio, are planning to get engaged later on this year. The first part of the plan is for us to get married and for her to come over here and work whilst I improve my time/experience as a Police Officer here in the UK.

    Eventually, although we don't know exactly when this will be, we want to move back to the USA so we can start a family and she can have the required support network around her. I know that I cannot apply or even think about becomming an officer in the USA until I have applied or am a USC and the earliest this could be would be 3 years after I have moved over. I was wondering if anyone has advice on any non-USC, civillian or administrative roles I could perfrom within the law enforcement network when I come over given my experience as a Police Officer in the UK.

    This information would be really helpful as I do not possess a degree but will have a lot of hands on experience of law enforcement over here given my role in the UK.

    Thank you

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    Perhaps you can look into a job in a field of Security Specialist with respectable firms (not a Mall Ninja position) like banks, corporate security, laboratories.

    Good luck!


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      Perhaps you could teach the Queen's English to a few people/trolls on this forum, ie: a_queen

      Seriously, just hang out where the MILFS are, speak to them and your accent could probably get you a gigolo "position"

      good luck!
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      "Are you referring to the secret headquarters of a fictional crime fighter or penal complex slang for a-$$hole, anus or rectum?"

      "and we all know you are a poser and a p*ssy.... "
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        Thanks for the replies guys, you make some useful points [maybe not so much about the gigolo position though ;-) ]

        Does anyone have any further information, contacts or useful resources that could help me look into the specialist security or any other law enforcement admin/civie work?


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          Check dispatching, detention officer, records clerk ect. Just call the bigger departments in the area you are moving to and see if they would consider hiring you for those positions. Given the fragmented nature of US law enforcement, it is hard to point you towards one specific resource. Just google departments in the area you are looking at and check their hiring requirements for civilian positions.

          As a plus, being from the UK and an experienced officer, you will probably get a bit more credibility when applying at US PDs opposed to people from other countries. While you might not the know the US way of doing things, you will be able to show that you can function in a professional disciplined police force. So as long as you have a clean background it shouldn't be too much of an issue once you gain your citizenship.


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            My first and most obvious concern would be that your immigration/visitor status allows you to work in the United States. I would suggest you contact the U.S. Embassy in London, and explain your situation much as you have here. Hopefully, they can provide you with the information/forms you'll need to get the ball rolling.


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              Dingo....thank you very much for your advice, it is very useful and I will look into this alot more in the future.

              PhilipCal.....I know about the whole issue with immigration etc but hopefully that is the first thing I will be looking into and have sorted before I arrive in the USA to start looking for work etc.


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                Dingo....thank you very much for your advice, it is very useful and I will look into this alot more in the future.

                PhilipCal.....I know about the whole issue with immigration etc but hopefully that is the first thing I will be looking into and have sorted before I arrive in the USA to start looking for work etc.


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                  Might want to look at the situation job-wise right now. Stay where you are until things really settle down here in the US and there is an opportunity to get hired. Now or two years from now is NOT the time to quit and come over. While there are some jobs, not all of them will provide the income level you and your family may need.

                  Good luck!
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                    I don't know the details of his employment but 25+ years ago Daly City Police Dept. (California) had an officer who previously had been a Bobbie in London. He use to joke about being the longest (distance) lateral officer in the U.S.


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                      Like District said the job market is terrible here. I've been trying to find better employment but apparently I'm either over qualified or either under qualified for any and every job they have now.
                      Even the minimum wage ($7.25 an hour) jobs want 6 months to three years experience where I'm at. It's a bunch of bull ****!


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                        Thanks everyone for the honest information and guidance.....this is a long term plan thing and I think, at first, the plan is for my USC girlfriend (soon to be fiance) will come over the UK to work once we are married and then i'll work up my experiences etc as a cop and then look at coming over to US in a few years or so.

                        If anyone does have more information on the kind of admin/civillian roles within Law Enforcement that someone of my experience could look into for the future such as qualifications that may be needed or who to contact then that would be useful.

                        Thanks again guys


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                          Do you have a college degree? If you don't have one, I would invest the time to get one.


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                            In the meantime, I will offer to provide much TLC to your girlfriend to ensure she is not lonely!!!!

                            Send me her location when you have time....

                            Just trying to help out a brother!!
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                              I know you said y'all are planning to move her there while you get more experience, but it seems it'd make more sense for you to move here instead. Your 3 year clock would start running sooner and, I may be entirely wrong here, but I get the impression that policing is handled so differently in our two countries that a bunch of experience there wouldn't necessarily count for that much here...especially if there's a 3 year period between stopping there and starting here. I'd think your best bet would be to come here instead of her going there.

                              Then again, I'm just a civilian, so...
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