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  • Officer Down Kalamazoo

    A suspect shot and killed a Kalamazoo, michigan police officer this morning, then committed suicide. I can only wish he had done so prior to taking the officers life. Details as they are available.
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    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A man fatally shot a police officer in southwestern Michigan before killing himself after fleeing from officers who were investigating reports of gunfire in the area, authorities said Tuesday.

    Officers encountered the 31-year-old Kalamazoo man on the porch of a home about 11:18 p.m. Monday and asked him whether he had heard shots in the area, the Kalamazoo Public Safety department said in a statement. Police said the man advanced toward an officer, brandished a handgun and exchanged gunfire with the officer before fleeing between houses.

    Seconds later, police said, officers heard another round of gunfire and found a Kalamazoo officer fatally shot. The names of the officer and the man weren't immediately released.

    The suspect died at the scene from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, police said. The shooting was being investigated by the Criminal Investigations Division and the Office of Professional Standards.

    "Kalamazoo Public Safety request prayers for the officer's family, loved ones and members of our department in the aftermath of this tragedy," the department's statement said.

    Additional information was expected to be released Tuesday afternoon, police said. Kalamazoo is about 50 miles south of Grand Rapids and about 130 miles west of Detroit.


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      That makes 60 officers this year so far. 27 by gunfire.

      It's going to be a bad year.

      RIP to that officer.
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        Kalamazoo Officer Eric ZAPATA RIP. Thank you for your service. May God grant comfort and understanding for your family.

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          Rest in Peace officer. Praying for the family members.

          K-zoo is one of the places where I used to visit frequently and had many good conversations with K-Zoo officers.

          I really hope that we don't hear any more loss of officers anymore.


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            My mourning band has been coming out far too often lately...RIP Kalamazoo DPS Officer Zapata.
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              RIP, Officer Zapata.

              Best wishes to his family.
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