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EOT Class in Florida


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  • EOT Class in Florida

    Hello to all. I am set to go to the EOT class at Chipola College in Marianna, FL., 04/25/2011. I'm a little apprehensive about the class, not knowing what to expect. My main concern, however, is the state certification test. I've read posts prior to 2010 and from what I have read, the testing is constantly changing in one way or another. I'm looking for imput from those who have taken the EOT and SOCE from 01/2010 to now.
    I'm no rocket scientist, but I have five years vested in Alabama, so I guess I'm looking for a little reassurance that I'll pass the EOT class and Test! Any advice or pointers??

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    Those must be fairly new terms. I assume you are talking about an academy and the state exam?
    When I took the FL CO certification exam I didn't feel it was too hard for being a 300 + questions and covering every thing we learned in the 530 hour academy. But I just graduated college with a BA at the time and passed it the first time. Having said that there were several that failed it three times each at $100 a pop.
    My nephew passed the LE exam (FL) earlier this year. Given his past "academical achievement" (GED) I was concerned for him at the time. But he made me proud! I wished I could have been there when he got Tasered.

    Other wise pay close attention in class, take notes if you need to and study if you think you'll need it. The local college I took the CO academy at, which was the same one my nephew took the LE academy at, offered practice exams, for one week, at the end of the academy. If you participate in them just understand they are "harder" than the state's exam. I felt I done lousy on those and was a little concerned going to the actual exam. My nephew said the same thing about his experience through it all.
    As for the state exam, you're only told if you pass or fail. You will not receive a "grade" on the exam and will never know if you barely passed or aced it. If you are prior LE you shouldn't have any problems through out the academy IMO.
    BTW If you are a LEO etc from AL you may qualify for equivalency training / certification or what ever they call it now.
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      Thanks for the reply. Yes, they told me that I did qualify for the Equivalency class, which is only five days long. See, I don't have a BS, I have an AS, but I hate those kind of tests where two or more answers seem "correct" and I hear that's exactly what kind of test it is. I have a problem reading too much into the question like, "That answer could be correct too if...."
      Oh well. I already have $600 invested into this, let's see what happens. Thanks again for the reply. Stay safe.


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