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Texas Deputy shot while transferring inmate


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  • Texas Deputy shot while transferring inmate



    NE Texas deputy fatally shot during inmate shift

    Published April 18, 2011

    | Associated Press

    NEW BOSTON, Texas – Officials say an inmate shot and killed a sheriff's deputy while she was transferring prisoners outside a northeast Texas courthouse.

    Bowie County officials say the deputy was shot about 2:30 p.m. Monday at the county courthouse in New Boston while moving inmates. They say their suspect is an inmate who then stole the sheriff's van and drove off. Authorities say the van was later found and the inmate captured in Ashdown, Ark.

    There was no immediate word on the identities of the deputy and the suspect or how the suspect got a gun.

    Bowie County is on the Texas-Arkansas border and includes Texarkana, Texas.

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    Was she transferring him alone?

    Is that normal?


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      Originally posted by HEDP View Post

      Was she transferring him alone?

      Is that normal?
      Not unusual.

      I did a lot of one person transports when I was a deputy.

      Did a WHOLE lot of one person transports as a CO
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        And now...he gets to fry. Its Texas, home of the express lane to the needle.
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          Not only did he escape from custody, which he could have been shot while doing so, but he killed a peace officer while doing it. He's lucky it wasn't the Rangers that caught him. There wouldn't be an arrest made on this one.
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              RIP Deputy Sherri Jones.............thank you for your service.

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                There is many times I have transferred up to three in my patrol car (no cage) by myself. Hell, they have even expected me to transfer up to 8 in the van by myself (with a cage). I finally got someone else to go with me on that one. I bet before to long I will have to make a trip in that van by myself.


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                  He shot her with her own weapon. I wonder how he was handcuffed? I remember when I was stationed in Tampa, there was a man who killed two police officers who were transporting him. They handcuffed him in front for the ride and he had a pair of handcuff keys. They chased him down the interstate and he killed another State trooper before they cornered him and he killed himself.

                  RIP deputy...


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                    RIP, Deputy Jones.

                    Best wishes to her family.
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                      RIP Deputy Jones

                      From what I read on another forum she was a 51 year old lady, he was a 21 year old kid and they were in the basement of the courthouse alone when he began wrestling with her.

                      I feel for the family, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

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