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  • Charity fundraising idea

    I help to run a Chicago disc golf series and was thinking of ideas for side games that we could run during the lunch breaks. One idea that occurred to me was to have a “fastest disc” contest. Many tournaments have a farthest throw or putting contests but this could be a cool spin on those contests.

    If you aren’t familiar with disc golf it is played with the same basic concept as regular golf except that you throw a frisbie-like disc into a metal target called a basket. The discs are smaller and heavier than the average frisbie and are thrown at higher speeds and longer distances. For all but a few courses, disc golf is played on its own course.

    If possible I was thinking that it would be cool to get someone to take radar speeds of the throws. We could do a contest with an entry fee of $5 and have half the proceeds go to charity and the other half go to the winner or winners.


    1) Do you think radar would pick-up the speed of a disc?
    2) Do you think a local police department would be interested in participating with half the proceeds going to the charity of their choice?
    3) Who would I contact to discuss this with at the police department?

    I was thinking that this kind of contest could accomplish a couple of things besides raising a little money for the charity. Disc golf is often thought of as a “stoner” sport. For the most part, people who run these tournaments, including myself, do not smoke pot. In addition most of the people that play competitively do not smoke pot at these sanctioned events. From what I’ve read the largest demographic of pot smokers is males in their 20’s. That’s also the largest demographic of disc golfers. I don’t think disc golf is any more of a stoner sport than any group of 20 year olds participating in an individual sport.

    Most police contact with disc golfers involves open container incidents and the like. It is illegal to drink alcohol in most of the disc golf parks in the area but many casual golfers drink while playing and some parks are heavily patrolled for specific enforcement of open containers. I think giving an officer an opportunity to see guys participating in disc golf while clean and sober would be good for the sport and I think the disc golfers having an opportunity to have a good experience with the police would be good as well.


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