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UK Police Teach Officers How To Pack Sandwiches


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  • UK Police Teach Officers How To Pack Sandwiches

    Picture not part of article, just found on my own.

    A British police force issued advice to officers on how to keep their sandwich packs fresh.

    Lincolnshire Police in central England handed guidance to its 1,219 officers and 1,162 other staff members warning them to keep "lunch boxes cool" and not to use "out of date food," The (London) Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

    "Sandwiches should not be kept in briefcases or warm cars and snacks must be kept separate from lunch items," officers were told.

    The guidance was disclosed by an anonymous police inspector who writes a blog about policing issues. He said, "There follows the usual nannying about using separate chopping boards for raw and cooked products and instructions to wash your hands and measure the fridge temperature."

    "No doubt any officer looking for advice about how to stay safe whilst outnumbered by drunken maniacs on the High Street can wait for their once-a-year day's training," he added.

    A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said the guidance was given to officers who were going on training courses, in an attempt to ensure any food they brought stayed fresh.

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    important cop stuff
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      Well, they don't carry guns, so they have to have something on that part of their duty belt.
      I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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        Guaranteed some Commissioned Officer over there was looking for his next promotion! Inspector with dumb-a s s suggestion about food-packing to his Chief Superintendent: "Look, see how I helped the boys prevent themselves from getting ill!" C/Supt: "Fine job, new Superintendent!" Newly-minted Supt swoons and drools!
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