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    On April 4, 2011 a 38 yr old veteran Keokuk County Iowa deputy sheriff was killed when he and two other officers were investigating an incident from the previous day. This is a 6 person department in Very rural Iowa.

    More details of the incident are now coming out.........................on the link is a video which covers the written report below. I have bolded some of the article for emphasis.


    They knew their lives were in danger, but the three officers caught in Monday's fatal standoff in Sigourney refused to let back up come rescue them. They didn't want anyone else caught in the line of fire.

    Keokuk County Sergeant Eric Stein was killed Monday when a gunman shot him in the head. The shooter was 53-year-old Jeff Krier. His family tells us he struggled with mental illness for three decades. Krier also had a history of violence with law enforcement and a reputation for carrying assault rifles.

    CBS 2's Alice Barr has an exclusive interview with the supervising officer of one of the first responders to Monday's shooting.

    "They were heroes that day," says Ottumwa Police Lieutenant Tom McAndrew.

    Lieutenant McAndrew wants the truth out. He spoke exclusively to us about the bravery Sergeant Eric Stein showed before Jeff Krier gunned him down.

    Stein, the Keokuk County Sheriff and another officer radioed for help when Krier started shooting at them from his house. Ottumwa police responded and Krier was still firing off rounds when they reached the scene almost a half hour later.

    "They knew they were in serious trouble but they didn't want to put other officers in jeopardy, so they tried to stand their ground," says Lt. McAndrew.

    The three officers decided not to let their back up come close enough to rescue them. Stein made the call.

    "Deputy Stein advised responding officers not to approach their location, it was too dangerous," says McAndrew.

    The officers under attack felt the area around them was too wide open to bring anyone else in.

    "They saved some lives of other officers who didn't have any idea that if they popped over this hill they would be sitting targets. They radioed down and said stop, don't come any closer," says the Lieutenant.

    The responding officers set up a perimeter and waited, until after Krier shot Sergeant Stein.

    "All the officers that were responding, everyone wanted to go up there," says McAndrew.

    Finally, an officer shot Krier down, but one of their own lay dead too. Those who knew Sergeant Stein say they're not surprised he would sacrifice his life before putting anyone else in harm's way.

    "Just a good person, a very good cop," says Lt. McAndrew.

    A good cop who now leaves behind a legacy of bravery and selflessness.

    Ottumwa police also dealt with Jeff Krier when he assaulted two officers back in 1999. One of those officers was among the first responders on scene in Monday's shooting. He was on the other end of the radio with Sergeant Stein until the moments before he died.
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    "...and, if necesssary, lay down my life rather than swerve from the path of duty!..." RIP Sergeant Stein. Your sacrifice honors your memory and was heroic beyond expectations. Serve with St Michael with honor and protect your brethren.

    LODD Memorial Page

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      Definitely hits close to home. One of my Criminal Justice teachers told us about it two days ago, said he was a great man. Rest in peace Sergeant Stein.
      Pursuing the dream.

      Awaiting the start of Academy... April 28th.


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