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    Originally posted by MD11pilot View Post
    I know some places require you to appear to court whether or not you want to plead guilty/no guilty. Lets say an Alaskan driver got pulled over for running a light in Florida, will the courts make him fly all the way back to Florida to appear when its time or can he just pay the fine via mail? Not sure if Florida is like this so its hypothetical.
    Some offenses in Iowa are mandatory court appearance. At the scene of the offense the driver is issued a citation and asked to sign a promise to appear.

    After the signature on the promise to appear-----we don't care where the driver goes as long as they return for the court appearance (usually 2 weeks or so later). However if the driver doesn't return----a warrant will be issued & the above posts about the Interstate Compact take effect.
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      The courts in our county, per a state law that authorizes it, no longer issue warrants for failure to appear or failure to pay fines on infractions. Instead, they refer the case to a collection agency. It has actually been more succesful with getting people into court than infration warrants were. With infraction warrants, they were ORable, which meant that almost every time, the suspect was cited out in the field. It usually took two more FTAs to get a no-OR warrant. It lowered the workload on the courts and sheriff's records, as the SO is the repository for all arrest and bench warrants in the county. (And it's a good thing that the courts got their load reduced - they had to lay off 30% of their personnel.)
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        I haven't run into this problem yet, however, I believe in Texas, that if you can prove they are a liability not to show up for court, they can be arrested.
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          ^^^ Our policy follows local standard for non local visitors, All offenses arrestable except speed and open container unless no signature for PTA. Otherwise interstate compact applies for suspension.


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            Originally posted by anachranerd View Post
            Can't officers arrest them if they are from out of state and make them bond out as kind of a guarantee? I don't have it in front of me, but Im pretty sure when I got AAA, their paperwork said if you are traveling far away from home, some agencies will arrest you for speeding and make you post bond. Hence the AAA card which guarantees the bond amount
            This was the main reason for forming the compac states,to avoid this.It basically is reciprocal agreements between states,I can recall when I first started playing this game I think there were only about 12 of us(compac states),otherwise it was a physical arrest and cash bond,than who cared if you didnt show,the bond was 50 bucks higher than the ticket.
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              It eliminates the reason to have cash in your pocket when you travel through some corrupt small town.....
              It also allows a state to report convictions and suspensions to driver's home state, for inclusion in driving record and assessment of points....

              Sign your name and go about your business. If they disregard, they get suspended in their home state; have to travel and get reinstated in the state they were charged; then return to there home state and get reinstated there..
              Can get very expensive!!

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                More and more states are putting old records in a shared database, however they do not always do it RIGHT. An offense that was a misdemeanor at the time of offense might be a felony now. or the fact that you got a ticket was properly recorded, but the fact that you mailed in a plea and a check to pay the fine might NOT be.

                I have only ever gotten one ticket out of state, that was in KY, called them to see if I could pay it by debit...sounded like a small dept, "err no I don't think we DO that". So I mailed a check. Never had any issues but it would be a good idea to SAVE cancelled checks for stuff like that virtually forever I guess.

                My wife got a letter in the mail telling her that her OH license had been suspended, she lived in MI about 10 years ago and some guy rear ended her, MI claimed she never showed proof of ins for an accident that happened 10 years ago, luckily she had the same ins agent all those years and they faxed off the info to MI. I know for a fact that I could not tell you or prove to you who my car insurance was with 10 years ago.

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                  Originally posted by Fëanor View Post
                  I think you misunderstood. He meant that in the "vacation state" rather than receiving a simple speeding violation, the speeder is arrested. If they choose, they can pay the bond and be free to go, or they can just wait for their time in court. That way if they skip out, the bond is simply confiscated. Since the issue is handled at the time of the violation, there is no need for extradition, etc.

                  That was how I understood it anyway. Sometimes I just make things up in my head as I go
                  aha...perhaps I did misunderstand...In that case, I would write em and forget em....
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