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Retiring...Moving to FL


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  • Retiring...Moving to FL

    As my retirement approaches, I am doing what everyone else in NJ does- planning to move to Florida (< not exactly the 1st cop to do that..)

    My wife has settled on Broward Co. We are looking at houses and I'm seeing towns like Lauderdale Lakes, Tamarac, Margate etc. What I am asking is:

    - are there any parts of Broward I should absolutely AVOID?

    - what areas would you recommend to raise a 6 year old boy?

    - what school (public or private) do you like?
    - what is a good drinking bar (oops, that one is for me..)

    Anything pertinent information would be appreciated...
    Thanx- and Go Gators (I guess)
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    Coconut Creek IMO is your best bet, Parkland wouldn't be bad either.. Coral Springs has some pretty bad areas with gangs just food for thought. From my experience having friends all over Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, Martin County there's really no place I'd like to raise my kid in the southern part of FL.


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      Congrats on the impending retirement.

      I highly recommend retirement-------------------------I can't address the Florida portion of your post.
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        You're almost on the "otherside"......congrats!

        The only thing I know about Florida is it is tax free....and the weather is better.
        This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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          Congrates!!! Enjoy!!! Can I join you!! I love FL!!


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            Yeah dude, can't help you on Florida, but wanted to say congrats. Good for you.


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              My grandfather had houses in Bradenton, Sarasota, Port Charlotte and one other place during his time down there.

              I was young, but from what I remember it was all really nice. He had a place right on the canal while he was in Port Charlotte... awesome time. I don't know though.

              Just wanted to say good luck and enjoy it!!! I certainly enjoyed visiting the area. Imagine living it would be that much better.
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