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Uniforms: Traditional or Tacti-cool?


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  • Uniforms: Traditional or Tacti-cool?

    Do you guys think an department should let it's officers wear tactical uniforms (511/ bdu pants, t shirt, external vest carrier with all the goodies, thigh holster, ball cap, facial hair, etc), make all officers wear a traditional uniform with all items matching, including belt items (think most state patrols), or is the best option a middle ground?

    Personally, I love the look of a traditional uniform with all members looking the same, but from work the street, I love the functionality and comfort of a relaxed uniform. My ideal uniform would have hidden cargo pockets on the pants, Chicago style external vest carriers (look like a uniform shirt, but sometimes with some extra pockets), and allow polo shirts or something this these http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standa...s-his-force.do on nights and weekends. There would also be a campaign hat for use with the regular uniform, but it would be up to the officer on when to wear them.
    All traditional
    All tactical
    A mix
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    The uniform would depend on the assignment. Tactical teams should wear tactical uniforms. Patrol units should wear something appropriate that looks professional and appropriate for a law enforcement officer. I've seen some departments that allow officers to wear BDU uniforms and jumpsuits for qualification or other assignments that don't require contact with the general public. Some of these officers lacked pride in their appearance and looked like a bunch of cartoon characters. I can only imagine what they would look like if allowed to patrol the streets in the same uniform.
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      I voted a mix. Our local SO went to the BDU style uniform (I'm with the PD) we still have the traditional blue with polyester pants. You know how hard it is to hop a fence with thse damn things. We have guys that look like soup sandwiches now. I think BDU soup sandwich is less disgraceful than dress uniform soup sandwich. I voted both. There are certain jobs where the traditional uniform is ok but for crying in the night I have enough shiny stuff on my uniform right now it makes it damn hard to be sneaky at night.
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        Originally posted by HI629 View Post
        The uniform would depend on the assignment. Tactical teams should wear tactical uniforms. Patrol units should wear something appropriate that looks professional and appropriate for a law enforcement officer. I've seen some departments that allow officers to wear BDU uniforms and jumpsuits for qualification or other assignments that don't require contact with the general public. Some of these officers lacked pride in their appearance and looked like a bunch of cartoon characters. I can only imagine what they would look like if allowed to patrol the streets in the same uniform.
        That is a failure of supervision.

        I prefer a tradional STYLE uniform, but with BDU characteristics, like the 511 PDU. I fail to see why a patrolman needs to look like he is about to pass inreview, w/ all of that shiny crap all over his uniform. There is a time and place for all of that, but it isn't for everyday wear.

        External carriers are, in every aspect, superior to wearing armor under a shirt. Again, if you're in court, concealed is best. If you're out on patrol, external is THE way to go.

        Cloth badges. If they are an EXACT representation of the departmental badge, then yes. If it is generic garbage, then no.

        Thigh holsters are useless to a patrolman, as they are not designed, nor intended for that purpose. They also represent an retention issue.

        Facial hair on a patrolman is wrong like two boys f**king. Looks like crap, universally and without exception. Ball caps generally look like a bag of ***, as well.

        I would like something like this: Black 511 PDU's, name tapes, cloth badge, (not a deal breaker), and nylon gear. SOme gear must be mandated as to location, ie; TASER, baton, radio, but mostly left up to the individual officer.

        Not a huge fan of a campaign cover. Looks to wannabe when worn by small departments. I prefer a Pershing style, for municipal agencies.

        I'm sure I left out something. I only came in for a bit to get out of the sh***y weather up here.


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          We've been wearing more of a BDU style for several years with embroidered badge/name tag. I really like it. I find it comfortable and functional; a real utility uniform. We're going back to the traditional badge/name plate, but keeping the BDU style pants. Which is alright, but sure would've preferred to keep my "work" uniform.

          I'm not real big on the polo shirt, facial hair thing. I felt our uniform was still professional looking, but much more "relaxed" than that not so much. But that's just my .02.
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            tactical uniforms, all the way....were not patrolling Mayberry anymore. Were getting into fights, hopping fences, chasing idiots on a daily basis. If you're wearing a traditional uniform, yeah you might look pretty, but the first time you get into a fight your shiny nametag gets torn off.


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              D. None of the above: FUNCTIONAL uniform.

              Another vote for PDU's, software, and nylon gear.

              PS - there was just a thread on this topic...
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                I vote for these uniforms. They command respect and yet really get the job done while maintaining functionality.

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                But I'd do him.
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                  I would quit before I wore a tie-dye shirt.


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                    Didn't vote, but I would like something more functional than poly dress slacks with piping and a poly dress shirt. Perhaps 511 style BDU pants and a pullover. We're trying to grease the skids now on this issue since we're in transition and entering new budget year workshops.


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                      I'm not a sworn LEO but do wear a uniform daily. We recently switched back a hard uniform, metal badge, name tag, buttons, but were still allowed to wear Blauer style cargo pants. Honestly from a civilians perspective a police officer can look professional in any uniform as long as the uniform is worn right. I like the look of a polo shirt with cloth badge, embroydered name and regular patches on the sleeves. Add an outer carrier and it makes the uniform much more comfortable. Polo shirt uniforms as long as they fit right and are worn properly allow for a more breathable fabric, flexibility and durability. IDK if anyone else has noticed but the more often you have to iron a shirt the shorter the life span is.

                      The department I hope to finally get a gig with has several different uniforms. They have the class A, long sleeve, tie, metal everything and leather duty equipment. They also have a short sleeve, no tie and metal everything. Once out of the academy you can use your yearly uniform allowance to purchase an external carrier, nylon duty gear and polo shirts with cargo pants of your choice. I again preffer the Blauer style cargo pants, they look crisp when ironed but still have extra pockets. If you wear an external carrier don't put a gazillion pockets on the darn thing. My old one (when we were allowed to wear polos and externals) was almost an exact duplicate of my polo shirt, just added the tazer pocket, you don't need to look like your in the military walking into a combat zone when you put it on. It just looks tacky. That's just my .02
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                        Traditionalist here.


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                          Traditional Style.

                          Whenever I see an Officer in BDU pants, cloth material...It just looks unprofessional and often messy.
                          And let's face it, there are several instances where "the better you look", the less chances you have of someone thinking negatively about you, and your department.

                          There's a case that our academy instructors would tell us, about a serial killer from Texas making his way through N.M. Well, he got stopped in Eastern N.M. by a clean shaven, fit, NMSP Officer. He got stopped again in a rural county by a out of shape, sloppy looking, deputy. He shot that deputy. When asked why he didn't shoot the State officer he replied, "He looked like he knew what he was doing..." (Not sure if it's true or not, or just a way to keep us looking good, but either way it works for me.)

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                            We wear the same uniforms as Deputies in special assignments - techs, K9's, marine division, etc. - and the correctional officers: black BDU shirt and black BDU pants with nylon duty gear. The regular Deputies wear Class A uniforms - HEAVY tan polyester/wool blend pants with brown piping and brown poly shirts and leather duty gear. I agree the Class A uniforms also look more professional but they're far more uncomfortable, especially in the summer and when chasing after suspects (I know from my previous job) and they look horrible if you wear it sloppy which many do. My vote is for the BDU shirt and BDU pants - more comfort, cotton blend (breathability), flexibility, and more pockets (I hated having to get extra pockets sewn into my Class A's) with sewn on name tages and it still looks professional. Keep the Class A for court, award/promotional ceremonies, and whatnot. And DEFINITELY get rid of the metal name tag.

                            Regarding the name tag: is anyone else required to have their FULL first and last name on theirs or just first initial and last name? That's one thing I can't stand is when I interact with people in the jail and they can see my first and last name. I think it's a HUGE safety issue. Why don't I just give them my address too?!
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                              Originally posted by Michigan View Post
                              I would quit before I wore a tie-dye shirt.

                              As far as the OP, I like a mix as well. We've got more traditional looking shirts, but BDU-style pants which are much more comfortable and functional. I had never worn an external carrier prior to getting in the detective bureau (other than a heavy tactical vest) but now I'm hooked. On those rare occasions I pick up a patrol shift, I'm wearing my external carrier.

                              Most of the tactical gear is best left to tactical teams. Thigh holsters, for example, have no business being used during routine patrol.
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