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Bomb Left in Lost & Found for 3 Weeks


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  • Bomb Left in Lost & Found for 3 Weeks


    In what appears to be a major security breach, components for a live bomb were allowed to remain in the federal building in Detroit for three weeks before the bomb squad was called in to remove it.

    The Detroit Police Department bomb squad was finally called in March 18 to remove the device in the McNamara Federal Building, which houses the FBI, IRS and offices for Sen. Carl Levin. The pipe bomb device had apparently been discovered three weeks earlier by a building guard.

    "A contract guard apparently saw this package outside on Feb. 26th," according to David Wright, president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 918, which represents the Federal Protective Service Employees.

    "Against all security protocols -- an unattended package should be treated with extreme caution -- he picked up that package and took it inside basically on the premise of 'lost and found' property. And apparently stored it. That was on Feb. 26. On March 18th, last Friday, someone got the idea to x-ray the package. At that point wires were seen... and it turned out to be a bomb."

    The contract security guard has been suspended and in the coming days a special training team will be deployed to Detroit to re-train the building's security personnel on proper protocol, according to Chris Ortman, spokesman for Federal Protective Service.

    see link for full story
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    Pipe bombs? Meh, in Detroit we've got bigger problems to worry about.
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      Holy "Blown to bits" Batman!
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        Some good police work...http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/03/24...ral-building/#
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          Great police work....bad article.

          A. FPS does not guard Fed Buildings..... They oversee Contract Guards that do the guarding.....

          B. FPS's budget is in shambles and they are low on Inspectors. Their budget needs infused with money so they can hire more Inspectors to oversee Guard contracts around the US..... Of all people, Hill-Dawg got some order to them when she was a Senator (mainly because they are Unionized) but they are still a mess. Perhaps it will take a incident like this....or an device actually going off before someone pulls their head out of their assses and gets them up to par to protect Federal Buildings/property under their jurisdiction......


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            Hey sarge, what is that ticking coming from the lost and found closet?
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            Lord have mercy. You're about as slick as the business side of duct tape.
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              WOW.... I think the FED's should really do more screening on the people the companies they use hire... how dumb do you have to be? You work in a federal building and find a strange un attended package, so you pick it up and bring it inside!!!!!
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                Doesn't Kingsman work in a Michigan federal building?
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                  I don't work Detroit unless they are short handed, and I have never worked at the Macnamara federal building.
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                    Thanks for clearing that up for us Kingsman. We were wondering.


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                      That's pretty scary. Thank god it didn't go off.
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