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Criminal gives false name..Of a wanted man.


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  • Criminal gives false name..Of a wanted man.

    The idiot journals continue...


    (Submitted)York, PA - A man wanted in the robbery of an elderly man in York tried to avoid arrest by giving police a false name -- but the name he gave was that of a wanted person, too, according to charging documents.
    Police said they had been looking for LA Butch Truvillion since early February after they developed him as a suspect in the Jan. 1 robbery and assault of a 76-year-old man.

    On Sunday, Pennsylvania State Police stopped a white BMW on a traffic violation on South Belvidere Avenue. Police said they asked Truvillion, who was a passenger in the car, for identification. He said he didn't have any, but said his name was "Brian Johnson" and also gave a date-of-birth.

    Checking the name, police found that there were two warrants for a Brian Johnson, so they arrested him and took him to Central Booking, according to court documents.

    After running Truvillion's fingerprints, police found out his real name and a different date-of-birth, and they booked him for false identification to law enforcement.

    Truvillion also had two warrants for his arrest -- one for the robbery and assault, and another for a possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia, stemming from an Oct. 28 arrest, according to charging documents.

    He is in York County Prison on a total of $52,500 bail for the charges. His preliminary hearing before District Judge Barbara H. Nixon has not been scheduled yet.

    Robbery and assault

    Charging documents state that, just after 2 p.m. Jan. 1, Truvillion, 46, of the 200 block of East Cottage Place, assaulted and robbed Richard Trautman while inside one of Trautman's rental properties in York.

    Trautman spent four days in York Hospital recovering from facial injuries, according to charging documents.

    Trautman had arrived at the property and saw a man wearing a green jacket and green flap-eared hat with fur on it. The man, later identified as Truvillion, was talking to a boy who was sitting on a bicycle. Truvillion yelled something at Trautman, according to charging documents.

    Inside the property, Trautman later saw Truvillion standing in the hallway talking to the same boy. Knowing Truvillion did not live there, Trautman told him to leave, charging documents state.

    Truvillion then punched Trautman in the face, knocking him several feet into the front room on the first floor, according to charging documents.

    Trautman grabbed a snow shovel and tried to fend off Truvillion by hitting him several times, but only managed to knock off Truvillion's hat and a black knit cap he was wearing underneath, according to police.

    Truvillion knocked Trautman to the ground and pinned him down with his knee, police said. Truvillion said, "Give me your money," and took about $1,100 from Trautman's right front pants pocket, according to charging documents.

    Before running away, police said, Truvillion also took several store credit cards, a cell phone and Social Security card from Trautman.

    Three days later, according to charging documents, police spoke to a witness who said Truvillion was outside just prior to Trautman arriving and that he was talking with a boy and wearing the green flap-eared hat.

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    I've had this happen to me a couple of times. Normally, it's the name and dob of a brother/sister/cousin who has warrants that the suspect didn't know about. Also, I've never had a suspect not immediately confess that s/he was using a fake name and dob when I tell them they're going to jail for a crime that was committed by someone else. For some reason, the folks around here are willing to do the time for what they did wrong when faced with the prospect of serving someone else's time instead.
    The academy teaches you skills, the street gives you experience, but it all comes down to your instinct.


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      Happens quite a bit. Dirtbags have dirtbag friends/family.
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        I've had it happen & they immediately fessed up. I use to like to use it as a ruse when I knew they were lying. The fake warrant was always a sex crime.


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          Don't these people carry an ID?
          It's not that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so much that isn't so. Ronald Reagan

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            Originally posted by Justsaying View Post
            Don't these people carry an ID?
            Criminals rarely carry ID. Apparently it's not required in the circles they travel in.
            Being a good street cop is like coming to work in a wet suit and peeing in your pants. It's a nice warm feeling, but you're the only one who knows anything has happened.


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              Originally posted by Justsaying View Post
              Don't these people carry an ID?
              Only when going to the pharmacy......


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                Originally posted by stormz5192 View Post
                Criminals rarely carry their own ID. Apparently it's not required in the circles they travel in.
                There, I fixed it for you.
                The academy teaches you skills, the street gives you experience, but it all comes down to your instinct.


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                  I had that happen the other night. Simple drunk in public but he was an illegal alien so he gave a false name. Turned out to be the name of a kid toucher in Cali who matched the description so I printed him when we normally don't print DIPs. Got an ICE hit showing he was wanted by them. LOL


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