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Athens GA officer killed, another wounded


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  • Athens GA officer killed, another wounded

    ATHENS, Ga. -- Police were searching for a suspect after a shooting that killed an Athens-Clarke County police officer and injured a second on Tuesday afternoon.

    A spokesman for the Oconee County Sheriff's Office told WSB Radio that one officer was killed and a second officer was badly wounded and is being treated at a local hospital.

    The officers were shot near an apartment complex on Sycamore Drive in Athens. News Chopper 2 showed officers gathered around a police cruiser with the driver side window shattered and broken glass in the road.

    Police said they were searching for the suspect, identified as 33-year-old Jamie Hood. He is considered armed and dangerous.

    News Chopper 2 also showed another man in handcuffs and taken into custody. That man was not identified.

    Prayers for the families.

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    Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is happening all of a sudden? Did I miss the signs saying we were In Season?

    Prayers for officers and their families and that scum responsible is found quickly and tries to resist.....


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      WTF.....this is a devasting year for us.
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        This is the same as we were this time last year, 2011: 47 . 2010 through march :48

        Way too many, it seems people care less and less about shooting it out with us, the days of them just trying to get away are over, they are trying to take us out and get away.

        Stay safe guys and gals.
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        maybe it’s me but I think a six pack and midget porn makes for good times?????


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          RIP officer and praying for fast recovery for wounded officer and all family members of both officers.


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            There's so many officers being killed that I had to check the date of the 1st post to see if it was an older post.

            My prayers to the wounded officer and their families.
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              Rest in Peace, Deputy.
              This is getting absured. Stay safe out there everyone, your one and only goal is to walk home with ten fingers and ten toes.
              My prayers go out to the families of the fallen Officer and the wounded one, both blood and blue.


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                RIP Officer.
                Hope they catch that scumbag and hang him from a tree.

                10-48 out there


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                  Originally posted by NYCDep View Post
                  There's so many officers being killed that I had to check the date of the 1st post to see if it was an older post.

                  My prayers to the wounded officer and their families.

                  Me too, there are so many threads its hard to keep track. There will be so many families here in May and at this rate your memorial will run out of space one day.

                  I hope when they fined the bastard he makes the wrong move and there will be no reason for a trial.

                  Again prayers for the family and friends.
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                    RIP, Hero.

                    The announcements in here are almost as high as DOD KIA announcements.
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                      Very sad indeed.

                      News reports are stating that the officer who initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle was wounded. The officer murdered was responding after the fact and was shot while still in the car.. he never had a fighting chance.


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                        More info about the shooter.. evidently his brother was killed by the same police department 10 years ago

                        This is not going to end well for someone.. let's just hope they get this POS without any more officers being killed or injured

                        Hood's family, including his six brothers and their father, are no strangers to violence, according to a Sept. 2004 article from the Athens Banner-Herald.

                        Timothy Hood, 22, was shot and killed by an Athens-Clarke police officer on Nov. 6, 2001, after he allegedly held a gun to the officer's head, the Banner-Herald said.

                        Another brother, Robert Hood was arrested in September 2004 in connection with a retaliatory shooting two hours after his father -- Robert Hood, Sr. -- was badly beaten the day before, the Banner-Herald said. The elder Hood was beaten during an altercation, which started after he confronted a group of men. Hood was armed with a screwdriver, the Banner-Herald said.

                        Athens police said he may have escaped in a silver Chevrolet Prizm, which was located several hours after the shooting, according to Oconee County Sheriff's Capt. Jimmy Williams. His agency was participating in the manhunt.

                        Lumpkin, the Athens police chief, said the shooting stemmed from the investigation of an alleged shooting and carjacking involving Hood. Officer Howard spotted a red Chevrolet Suburban driven by a known relative of Hood. When he stopped the SUV, Hood stepped out and fired at him, then fled, Lumpkin said. He later shot at Officer Christian when he encountered him in his patrol car, Lumpkin said. A third officer arrested the driver of the SUV.


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                          A little update now that the facts are coming out. The wounded officer was reportedly alert and talking and receiving treatment.

                          Athens-Clarke County police said Hood shot and killed Senior Police Officer Elmer “Buddy” Christian, a veteran of the force.

                          Senior Police Officer Tony Howard was also wounded but survived. Howard was alert and talking and undergoing treatment at a local hospital, officials said.

                          The shooting happened near an apartment complex on Sycamore Drive in Athens.

                          At about 12:53 p.m., police said, they were investigating an alleged kidnapping and carjacking, in which Hood was named a suspect, that had occurred earlier on Winterville Road.

                          Police said Howard spotted a vehicle driven by one Hood's relatives. When Howard stopped the vehicle, the driver appeared to be compliant, but that's when Hood got out of the vehicle and opened fire on the officer, police said.

                          Hood fled the scene and encountered more officers, at which point he shot into a police cruiser driven by Christian, fatally wounding the officer, police said.


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                            I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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                              It's getting to the point we have mourning bands on our badges more then not...

                              Rest in peace brother. Thank you and may God welcome you with open arms.
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