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Man Complains To Police About Being Shorted By His Cocaine Dealer


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  • Man Complains To Police About Being Shorted By His Cocaine Dealer

    I just now stumbled across this story--sorry if this got posted here already and I missed it....


    March 15, 2011

    Believing that he had been ripped off in a commercial transaction, Antonio Recinos decided to contact Connecticut cops to register a complaint.

    Perhaps the Better Business Bureau would have been a better choice considering that Recinos, 35, thought he had been cheated by a cocaine dealer who had sold him $40 of the drug Sunday evening.

    According to the East Hartford Police Department, Recinos initially dialed 911 to lodge his complaint, but when he spotted a patrolman he approached the cop to deliver his beef face-to-face.

    Recinos, who displayed a small bag of cocaine, told the officer that he had been shorted by his dealer. While it is unclear what Recinos, who apparently had been drinking, expected the cop to do on his behalf, he likely did not expect to end up in handcuffs over his consumer complaint.

    Recinos, an El Salvador native, was arrested early Sunday on a narcotics possession charge. He was later freed on $5000 bail and has a March 30 court appearance, according to police.
    “Let him go, Lou. Someone driving that fast has no time for a ticket.”
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    Sometimes people will turn themselves in and face the crime just in a attempt to make the other party face it to. Short story..

    Some years back my fathers wifes nephew was killed shortly after leaving a bar. He hit the ATM to take 20 bucks out before he left and left walking, a car pulled up beside him and a young guy jumped out and robbed him, he told him if all he had was 20 bucks he was gonna kill him.. All he had was twenty and the guy shot him in the face right on the sidewalk. The case was cold with no suspects until...... - A couple years later the driver of the car was doing a few years for a unrelated charge and was owed some money by the shooter, the shooter laughed him off and told him to go screw himself and said he was locked up so he couldnt do anything to him anyway.. The driver had detectives called in and confessed to being the driver and turned in the shooter just to get back at him.. they both got life.
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      About the time I started here, our former lieutenant (long since retired) took a call from a guy who was complaining that someone had vandalized his garden. LT arrives and the guy takes him to the garden to show him the damage. When the walk through the backyard, passed the garage, and into the woods, LT starts to really wonder what's going on. Guy takes LT back to his marijuana garden and shows him that it has been pulled up by the roots.
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        job security
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          If it were not for stupid people your job would not have its fun times.
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