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Fake cop (\security guard) attempts to pull over real cop


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    WOW, people like this scare even me!!! While I was living in AZ there was a case of a guy who painted his Honda black and white and was pulling people over in it. He tried to light up an off duty LEO when he was caught. There was another guy who we fired from the security company I work for for being a complete moron. We thought he had gone he merry way when we get a phone call from another company asking why we had a guy on their site with no uniform. We of course did not, had him dealt with by the local PD. We then find out that he has a laptop and red lights in his POS car and that he regularly drove around with a gun and some sort of badge on at night in the outlying areas of town. We notified the local SO who was more than happy to take the info and do some follow up.

    I don't know what is up with people, if you're not a cop don't act like or pretend to be one. Some people buy retired cop cars because their cheap but re-installing lights/siren is just ludacris. Correct me if I'm wrong, there is no law against having emergency equipment in your car unless you use it? If that's the case they need to modify this law and make it illegal to have any emergency equipment in your car without a permit (volunteer FD's use own cars etc. can get a permit no one else.) and make the penalties much more severe.
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      A local detective was pulled over by someone driving around in his Mercedes with flashing lights on. When the detective informed the "under cover officer" who he was and asked which agency this "under cover officer" was working for, he said he worked for the DEA. Detective promptly called 911 and arrested the guy. He had fake DEA uniforms, raid jackets and badges.

      This kind of stuff happens way too often around where I live, so I told my family members that if they ever get followed by flashing unmarked vehicle, call 911 and ask for marked vehicle to come by.


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        I have seen a lot of ex-VSP cruisers (still painted silver & blue) that are turned into "thugmobiles" that seem to be very plentiful. The VSP apparently leave the spotlights & pushbars on the cars when they are sold at auction; which is kind of odd. At first glance, they look like legit patrol cars, but the 22" Dubs give them away. LOL! No impersonation going on with that setup, I guess.

        I have seen some county or city units (white in color) that are sold to ordinary citizens at government auctions. While it is easy to see they were once a patrol car, it is quite rare to see one with deck lights, pushbars and four antennae on the trunk. Only a real poser would do that.

        It is not illegal to have a few antennae, a spotlight (factory installation on the CVPI), 'dog dish' hubcaps, pushbar or even CLEAR LED lights in the rear window -- but it might definitely cause an ordinary citizen to think the car is still a police vehicle at first glance. Just no blue lights or "POLICE" wording on the car! Some volunteer firemen have their ex-police cars decked out like that, but most will have a "FF" or "PF" (firefighter) license tag and possibly red or red/clear lights as allowed by their department.

        A used police car can be a good deal for a private citizen to get as a regular car/daily driver, although taxicab companies and security agencies often outbid most ordinary folks at those auctions. The best ones to get are cars used by state troopers (a sergeant's car is ideal) or deputy sheriffs where vehicles were assigned to folks who had "take home" units. One-man cars will have fewer miles and were likely not abused quite as badly.

        Avoid city units that were ran hard and hung out to dry or departments that had "pool cars" where they were driven by different officers all around the clock. Some of those cars are trashed after just two or three years and "city miles" are the hardest of all.

        I considered buying one as a 'daily driver' a few years back, since I know how rugged the CVPI can be; but would not put any single 'squirrel' item on the car at all. Keep it looking like a grandma car, and you can't go wrong! A well-maintained CVPI should run at least 200k with decent care, even if the first 90k or 100k was in service as a patrol vehicle.

        With the new 2011 Ford "Police Interceptor" vehicle, I wonder if the front-drive layout will prove to be as durable as the old 'body on frame' design of the CVPI. Also, that EcoBoost V6 is going to have to work much harder to produce the same power as the "old school" V8 used in the Crown Vic. Time will tell, I guess. Let's hope Ford did their homework this time. (I am eager to see the new Caprice 9C1. That thing should be a beast! The 6.0L is the same V8 Chevy uses in the big Silverado HD truck, so it will be downright hairy in the lighter Caprice PPV!)

        P.S. Can we now soon expect "impersonators" to be putting red/blue lights in their Taurus sedans? The upcoming Ford cop car is based on the Taurus, you know.
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        The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

        The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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          I'd like to have a retired LE unit, but NO light bars or any of that crap. I guy I knew in TX who was an LE told me there are companies who specialize in various levels of rebuild too, so you could send it off and get it back with a refreshed drive train. I'd be more into one of the GM RWD cars though.

          Just pay your dues, and be quiet :-)


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            The Ask-A-Cop section better get ready


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              It's just stupid for people to try this in GA. It would be extremely rare for an unmarked car to initiate a traffic stop on you. If anything, it would be numerous unmarked cars boxing you in and dragging you out at gun point lol.


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                Supposedly a week or so ago someone in the east Mesa area was pulling people over around schools in a Ford Ranger with an amber light. Why anyone would pull over for a Ford Ranger with an amber light is beyond me, but it was enough to get a few calls in about it.


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                  I have no doubt a good percentage of civilians would pull over for amber +siren or amber -siren. At least they called in...

                  Edit: The average idiot doesn't know left from right, let alone who to pull over for. Only the smart people know to pull over for red or red/blue.

                  Originally posted by mitojo
                  I was once thanked by two citizens in one day. Weird.


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                    Every time I hear about an impersonator in the news, I think of how great this scenario would be. Finally it happened, all are OK and a dangerous person is off the street...
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                      I've actually heard of this happening quite a bit in California. I mean, I personally wouldn't pull over for an unmarked without confirmation from 911. That about sums up how much that's happened over the past few years.

                      To be completely honest though, it's a bit unnerving knowing there are that many people out there who are stupid enough to impersonate LEOs.
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                        Hope they didn't neglect the numerous traffic code violations.

                        Blue lights
                        Road rage
                        Failure to signal
                        Etc etc

                        Real officer did a perfect job. Called it in and let a onduty uniform officer work the call.
                        Any views or opinions presented by this prenomen are solely those of a burlesque author and do not necessarily represent those of a LEA or caementum couturier.

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                        This is the internet- take all information with a grain of salt. Such could be valid and true or could be typed just for playing devils advocate.


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                          James... what were you thinking?


                          James "Bubba" Stewart arrested for impersonating, pulling over cops

                          Motocross champion-turned-reality star James "Bubba" Stewart was arrested in Orlando, Florida last night after he pulled over a car with his truck. The problem is Stewart isn't a police officer, but the two men in the car he stopped were.

                          The stupidity of this is kind of astounding, even by reality TV standards. If the truck is the one he owns that was featured on TruckForums.com, no one is going to mistake it for a police vehicle, even if you put red-and-blue lights on it (which is illegal in many places).

                          On top of that, if you're going to pretend that your truck is a police vehicle what exactly are you planning to do once you pull someone over? What's the game plane. This wasn't a pretty girl in the car. This was two off-duty Florida Highway Patrolmen.

                          Finally, if you do pull over a pair of off-duty Florida Highway Patrolmen in your fake police truck, don't run. Make a joke. Play it cool. You're semi-famous.

                          Oh well, at least you've got a fun plot twist for Bubba's World.

                          Potentially the truck in question:


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                            After seeing the website elightbars.org mentioned, I got bored and took a look over there. All I can say is holy batman! You have to click here http://www.elightbars.org/f34/ and look at some of these rides. They appear to be mostly volunteer FFs or what not.. I can't really tell. It's pretty scary..

                            Look at this set up.. he's a reserve officer in arizona that has 2 tricked out rides to patrol in... http://www.elightbars.org/f34/2004-h1-hummer-13095/


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                              After reading thru the elightbars post, the 'officer' never states he is sworn. I think this is a posse member, no arrest authority if not 'on-duty' under the colors of a sworn officer.
                              Lots of them have been cut loose over the years for 'over stepping' the authority they don't have.
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                                Hmm, that would make a nice DARE vehicle.


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