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Man Allegedly Tortures, Kills 29 Dogs, Forcing Kidnapped Girlfriend to Watch


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  • Man Allegedly Tortures, Kills 29 Dogs, Forcing Kidnapped Girlfriend to Watch

    A young New Cumberland man has been charged with committing atrocious acts of animal abuse, using everything from his bare hands to power tools, and forcing his captive ex-girlfriend to watch.

    NEW CUMBERLAND — A 19-year-old woman was allegedly held captive in a remote farmhouse, was allegedly forced to watch as her captor mutilated and killed animals.

    “He seemed to enjoy how upset she was while he was doing this and he made her clean up the mess,” Hancock County Chief Deputy Todd Murray said.

    Officials said Jeffrey Nally Jr., 19, of New Cumberland, allegedly forced the girl to watch as he would torture and kill dogs using any implement at hand.

    “Possibly a hammer, crossbow, saw, a drill, items like that,” Murray said.

    Authorities said he would order her to clean up the remains. They said the girl, from Clarksburg, met Nally through the friend of a friend, and moved in with him in December. Soon the relationship turned sour but by that time she was allegedly being held prisoner in the old farmhouse, with Nally controlling her constantly. Ironically, they said he got the dogs through newspaper ads offering the pets “free to a good home.”

    She told police he killed about 30 over the course of a month. They said she managed to get a call through to her mother on Thursday, and by Thursday night, West Virginia State Police backed up by a Hancock County SWAT Team moved in, got the girl out safely and took Nally into custody.

    Authorities said a night-long search turned up 29 dog carcasses on the property. Their swift action saved the lives of one pig and three dogs; a Poodle, a black Lab and a Coon hound, rescued by the dog warden in the nick of time.

    Authorities said Nally had threatened to kill the girl, her family and any police officer who would try to save her.

    “My belief is that she’s very fortunate. I think at some point in time he may have got bored with the animals and moved on to human life. I think she was in great danger and she told us that,” Murray said.

    Chief Deputy Todd Murray, with years in law enforcement, said this case may be the worst he has ever seen.

    “I’ve seen a lot of loss of life but to repeatedly abuse animals it’s one of the most horrific things I’ve seen in Hancock County,” Murray stated.

    The girl is being returned to her home in Clarksburg. After a vet check, the surviving animals are up for adoption.

    Nally is charged with kidnapping, domestic battery and 29 counts of felony animal cruelty

    What a scumbag...
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    speechless. animal cruelty should be a felony...

    had a domestic awhile back where a guy threw his wifes husky off the 3rd floor balcony. ***holes all.
    Originally posted by crass cop
    Just do it in front of a camera and try not to get a boner and you shoudl be fine.


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      Deserves to die....what a dirtbag.
      We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions" -Ronald Reagan


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        That guy was a serial killer just practicing for the real thing. She is very lucky.


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          Just a matter of time before he moved onto humans.
          “Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.” - Robert F. Kennedy.


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            He deserves to be an NFL quarterback.

            "Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it". George Constanza.


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              This is something that really gets my blood boiling... The things I would like to do to the sob..........


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                I think the Eagles just found their new reciever.
                I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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                  I'm speechless. The contempt that I have for someone that can torture animals like that is just beyond words.
                  -If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame-


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                    Here is one common one. A husband and wife decide to split up and bitter divorce proceedings are under way. In this scenario the husband moved out for three weeks and left the wife at their house. The wife changes the locks and ignores his attempts to contact her to let him in to get some of his personal items. So he calls the police to stand by as he enters the residence by climbing through a window, call pop-a-lock, kicking his door open, or however he wants to do it. He says he is legally married, no court orders to not go in the house, established residence, and his driver's license even had the address on it, he had mail addressed to him... so its pretty safe to say that this is the mans house just as much as it is his wife's and he can go inside and take whatever he wants because its all marital property until a judge gives a court order saying what belongs to who. Same applies to the wife if she was in his position.

                    Hours later The wife gets home flipping out out because I allowed her husband to burglarize her home and take HER things. She wants her husband arrested and me fired. I explain the marital property law to her just the same as her attorney should have and a Judge probabily already did more then once and I reminded her its a CIVIL FAMILY COURT ISSUE that has to be worked out in family court especially since there are no court orders with arrest clauses. And nothing 'criminal' happend. she still doesnt want to hear it. Keeps ranting and raving saying that I just let for all I know a random person break in her home and take things. I was unable to calm her. Only option was to write a report for my CYA and leave.

                    So she gets her 'attorney' on the phone, who I DONT have to speak with by the way. Anytime I feel I am being dragged into a civil/family court issue getting tide up in all these peoples litigation I have the option to cease speaking with the attorney asap and schedule a time an place to hash the matter out with our Department Attorney to make sure I dont get tied up in ligitation I dont need to be in.

                    Against my better judgement I took the phone thinking I could explain what happend to the attorney. then he would be able to comfort his client and explain the steps they need to take to keep the husband away from certain property. But this man was worse! Telling me what I should and shouldnt have done. Things that if I listened to this attorney I would have violated the heck out of his clients husbands civil rights by keeping him from entering his own home. If I did what that attorney said I should have done it wouldnt gotten me and the department sued.

                    \Then the attorney gets his pants in a wad because I didnt find out where his clients husband is currently staying so he can serve him with a subpoena. Then ORDERS me to call back and find out where he stays and to take pictures of the window the guy crawled through! I couldnt believe my ears. I had to walk away and sit down in my car for the rest of this conversation because I was starting to shake with the tone of voice this guy was useing towards me. I let the attorney talk to me, speaking in a tone as if I were an idiot. Thats ok because he is about to get hammered in a polite way when its my turn. I politily said, "Sir, this is a family court/civil issue that needs to be held in family court. There is nothing criminal about it today and all I could do was act in good faith and keep the peace. I dont WORK for your law firm so I will not be taking any photographs on the back door or follow this womans husband all over the place to determin where he lives so you can serve your papers. Im not telling you how to do your job, but either you or your client can photograph the house. And on Truetv they have a show where they hire process servers to locate people and serve the papers. I DONT have to speak with you as her attorney. Infact its frowned upon for me to do so without my departmental attorney present. So from here on I have nothing else to say and please no more questions. If you want to discuss the matter further here is my attorneys name/number. GIve him a call and we can all arrange a sit down talk. But for now were done here, I have other calls like this holding. Good Bye! as I walked off.
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                      Originally posted by LaPlaca View Post
                      speechless. animal cruelty should be a felony...

                      had a domestic awhile back where a guy threw his wifes husky off the 3rd floor balcony. ***holes all.
                      Here it is a felony! I didn't realize that could differ from state to state but evidently it does.
                      I'm old......that's all.


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                        Originally posted by stlcopper View Post
                        I'm speechless. The contempt that I have for someone that can torture animals like that is just beyond words.
                        I agree with you 100%. I even tear up on the adds on t.v. about those abused and abandoned animals. Needless to say I'm an active member of the Humane Society and ASPCA!
                        I'm old......that's all.


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