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New police interceptors from Ford?


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  • New police interceptors from Ford?

    http://www.autoblog.com/2011/03/07/v...he-competitio/ (includes several videos)

    Those available engine options sound pretty nice. The FWD perhaps not-so-much. AWD nice for off-road and wintery climates. Optional ballistic door panels sounds good.

    What do you think?

    The long-serving Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor will take its final bow this year, leaving behind a legacy of protecting and serving that outstrips even the legendary Chevrolet Caprice. To fill the void left by the stout-but-dated Crown Vic, Ford is releasing a fleet of new Police Interceptors, and they've got a legacy to uphold.

    Ahead of their launch, Dearborn pitted the new Interceptors against their competition from Dodge and Chevrolet, the Dodge Charger and the Chevrolet Tahoe. Ford is releasing 2011 Explorer and 2011 Taurus versions of the Interceptor, with the Explorer getting a 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 making 300 horsepower and the Taurus available with either a 3.5-liter 280-hp V6, or the 365 hp 3.5-liter EcoBoost mill from the SHO.

    Ford is offering the Interceptors in front or all-wheel drive guise, eschewing the Crown Vic's rear-drive-only platform. Click past the jump to see how Ford's efforts stack up to the competition.
    Also, per the first video, Canada is apparently down with OPP.
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    They are supposed to be 2011 models, but are any on the street yet? I have yet to see one - even here in NoVA.

    I am eager to see the new 2011 Dodge Charger as well; since it appears to be a huge improvement over the current model.

    The crown jewel, however, remains the 2011 {law enforcement only - no civilian version} Chevrolet 9C1 Caprice. It is going to have a bigger V8 (6.0 liters, I think) and roughly 360 horsepower - along with a 6spd automatic transmission. No doubt a very fast car and a - Ahem! - challenger to the Dodge Charger!

    P.S. I have only seen web photos of the new Ford Inteceptor done up in black & white -- but it looks mean!

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      I love the new fords, the Chevy impalas there giving us in Philadelphia are terrible police vehicles. The city is only saving a couple thousand a car but our mechanics spend twice as much time fixing the impalas than they did with the crown vics.


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        Looking forward to the Fords.

        Chevy has been striking out in the police car market lately. So I'll believe the Caprice when I see it.


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          Originally posted by Exodus259
          I saw the Ford Interceptor at the Chicago Auto Show. They had the marked unit and the unmarked unit. Looked real nice They didn't have prices or what not for them, or when they would be in service, but they looked pretty cool. The Chevy Caprice was also there too.
          I went to the Philly Auto Show specifically in hopes of getting a glimpse at the new and upcoming cruisers. I was disappointed when they weren't on display there.
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            dont know if its just the camera, my computer or what but that sedan looks SMALL. If theres less room in it than the CV, Ford just wasted a whole lot of R&D coin.
            Originally posted by crass cop
            Just do it in front of a camera and try not to get a boner and you shoudl be fine.


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              Originally posted by Dingo990 View Post
              Looking forward to the Fords.

              Chevy has been striking out in the police car market lately. So I'll believe the Caprice when I see it.
              Chevy has been striking out with their police CAR's not the Tahoe. They strike out with the cars because they use a FWD 6 cylinder car. I own a Chevy pick up but Chevy screwed them selves when they offered up the Impala as a police vehicle.
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                Originally posted by LaPlaca View Post
                dont know if its just the camera, my computer or what but that sedan looks SMALL. If theres less room in it than the CV, Ford just wasted a whole lot of R&D coin.
                They are smaller but hey departments making orders have been asking about fuel economy. The only ways to keep fuel economy up is either a smaller car or a hybrid of some kind. Honestly Ford shot them selves in the foot when they stopped making the CV just as Chevy shot them selves in the foot when they quit making the Caprice. If you notice a lot of departments have switched to buying nothing but Chevy products to replace older cars since Ford quit making the CV just like they switched to the CV when Chevy quit making the Caprice.
                "I'm sorry, did you see my care face? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't show it to you becuase I DON'T care. Have a nice day. "


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                  I personally think that Ford did an outstanding job with the new PI's. The interchangeable parts, all wheel drive, good horse power and torque, etc all make it easy to learn on, repair and have a car that can take the elements. Here is their youtube channel showing the latest testing with four LEO's giving their opinions.



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                    I think that it's the environment that the vehicle is subjected to constitutes whether the vehicle is a POS. I evaluate and order the vehicles for my department. I take into consideration what my Officers want (unique approach, huh?) vehicles with neighboring agencies, etc. Around here, in my area of Louisiana, the Chargers are falling apart at the 30K mile mark and the CV's aren't much better. After my Officers tried all three (Charger, CV, Impala) I ordered the Impala's. We have had them in the past and was quite pleased with them.
                    In case you are wondering, my Officers are the lifeblood of my department and I try to give them what they want, but, I do know when to draw the line.


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                      Personally, I don't think the comparisons of these new Ford's to the Tahoe and Charger are fair.. They are comparing both the Tahoe and charger RWD versions to the AWD new fords... Why didn't they pull out an AWD Tahoe? or AWD charger? RWD is clearly less stable on a soaked surface than AWD, even with the stability control disabled.. Just my two cents. I love the looks of the new PI though, especially the stealth ones.


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                        Got a first hand look at all the new police offerings today and I will make my predictions known.

                        Ford is going to lose a lot of market share with the Taurus. Unless the dash is going to be redesigned for the production car its a total disaster as far as interior space and usability. Because of the shape of the dash there is no way to effectively mount a traditional laptop. Room and visibility are very disappointing for a car of such enormous proportions. Also Ford needs to stop referring to the new Interceptor as "Purpose Built", its not. Its a beefed up Taurus.

                        On the other hand the new Interceptor Utility (Explorer) is fantastic in just about every area. Plenty of room all around, good visibility too.

                        Chevrolet had the new Caprice PPV on hand as well and I believe its going to be the runaway favorite among police officers. It has a tremendous amount of room, as much as the Explorer up front minus the head room. The console shifter has been relocated as far forward and towards the driver as it can get so there's plenty of room for a laptop setup now. Only think that will hurt it is that the 6.0 is the only engine for this coming year.
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                          Twin turbo awd will get killed in months at my place.
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                            I think they should just give all officer's Corvette ZR1's, who needs a backseat just throw the bad guys in the trunk.


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                              very ugly.. stick with the vics


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