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  • ^ This is for you DPD.

    Originally posted by SoCalguy09 View Post
    Originally there was no pics. He edited it and got the pics up.
    The only thing I hear when you say anything is "blah blah blah I'm a dirty whore".

    Originally posted by Michigan
    I don't want to sound gay...

    But I'd do him.
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    • Originally posted by redsox2010 View Post
      This is pretty slick.

      However, there is NOTHING that can compare to a LAPD/CHP B/W.

      Originally posted by mitojo
      I was once thanked by two citizens in one day. Weird.


      • Originally posted by MCAPO View Post
        I like B&W, but something about all black is more intimidating and cool looking.

        I absolutely love MCSO's newer paint design. The all black with gold emblems is just awesome and very intimidating. Oh wait, some darn liberal is going to say police cars aren't supposed to be intimidating.
        "I'm sorry, did you see my care face? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't show it to you becuase I DON'T care. Have a nice day. "


        • Originally posted by CPDEMT View Post
          Someone made an Ooopsie. But I like B/W. LA County Sheriff

          I love the car, but can't decide if I like the scheme. Colorado SP

          My dept has b/w color scheme with blue writing. I think it looks good. Also like b/w with gold writing

          God, it's gonna suck. By the time I get hired most of the crown vics will be off the road. Look at how little damage that car has compared to the wall, that was one well built car.

          If I saw that Colorado state police car driving I would think it was some spoof and not really a cop. Now I know.
          "I'm sorry, did you see my care face? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't show it to you becuase I DON'T care. Have a nice day. "


          • Everybody counts or no one counts.
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            • PAFB used to be decal happy:

              Patrick Air Force Base Police by LSW2020, on Flickr


              • Originally posted by BCRYAN
                That LASD car looks like it crashed out in the AV??? They have so many crashes up there...big wide open streets, lots of pursuits, lots of code 3 rolls.
                BC, the patrol veh was t-boned going through the intersection seen directly behind and couldn't regain control before hitting the wall. I was just shopping at the CVS and I heard the TC, so I stepped outside. Everyone was fine, but I had to take the pic =D


                • THIS is an 'oopsie'....

                  Originally posted by crass cop
                  Just do it in front of a camera and try not to get a boner and you shoudl be fine.


                  • Originally posted by LaPlaca View Post
                    THIS is an 'oopsie'....

                    When did the CHP Academy hire Dan Gable to instruct pursuit driving?
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                    • I think any charger looks sharp, but especially the all black ones.


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                        • Pink.
                          "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence to those who would do us harm." - George Orwell, April 4, 1942


                          • All black with decals.


                            • Originally posted by FlyChicaga View Post

                              Is that for the women of the department to drive?
                              It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


                              • Originally posted by DACP View Post
                                Is that for the women of the department to drive?
                                It's not pink enough. This should suffice:


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