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Dumb crooks? What about dumb 'victims'?


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  • Dumb crooks? What about dumb 'victims'?

    One of the officers in my department was dispatched to WalMart this afternoon to take a 'stolen vehicle' report. A description of the vehicle was given to dispatch, and in turn, it was sent to surrounding agencies.

    During this time, the other officer notified dispatch that the 'victim' had his truck keys in his pocket, so the steering column on the 'stolen' truck would probably be 'busted'.

    This is where the radio traffic stopped. About 10 minutes later, I met up with this officer. It seems this officer called the victim's wife, explained what happened and asked if she could come pick him up.

    He said the wife began laughing hysterically, finally regaining her composure long enough to say, 'That IDIOT drove my CAR to town, NOT his truck!'
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    LOL! I've been guilty of almost the same thing! I used to drive my husband's company car a lot. When he lost his job, he lost the car and I was back to my green station wagon.I went to WAL-MART one day and came out and couldn't find my car. I looked everywhere. I didn't call the police. I called my husband, very upset and told him I couldn't find the car. I thought it had been stolen.
    My husband started laughing and said, "Well, if you are looking for the blue car, you are out of luck. You have the green taurus station wagon now ,honey!"
    I will never live that one down but at least I didn't call the police ! lol


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      This was fairly common at one department that I worked for ( a University PD).

      It was almost a normal thing that a patient at the medical center would call in a "stolen vehicle" from on of the hospital parking lots.

      We usually found it on the opposite side of the building in the medical school parking lot (where the clinics are).

      To explain: the Hospital is located on the South side of the Medical School and the parking lots are all marked A-1, B-1, C-1, A-2, B-2, etc for both facilities.

      Too many confused people go there, I guess...
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        One of my favorites is a 911 call to report a drug theft-yep, the seller got ripped off and thought the police should help recover his stolen property!

        Or a lady unloading her purse to find her license on a traffic stop, and her "pipe and paraphenalia" come out along with comb, lipstick, etc.


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          I can relate to the car incident.

          I lost my car at the mall. I thought Yes! somebody finally stole that money grubbing piece of junk. No such luck. I was tired of it and drove my husbands suv. Damn, It was sitting in the driveway when i finally made it home. Talk about depression.
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            It's amazing how many crimes can be prevented by performing a simple task. Like locking a door, or turning on a light, or putting that bicycle away and not leaving it on the front lawn.

            Sure makes the job of policing much easier.


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              Too many confused people go there, I guess...
              Hence the reason the huge lit-up sign on the building says hospital!



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                  LOL that is what I like about some crims. You know that most of the have no idea what the heck they are doing besides giving us job security.

                  Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                    In 1994 my supervisor and i were assisting the s.o. with a homeowner that came home to find a man in his house stealing his stuff. the dispatcher was giving the play by play action, "the suspect is running thru the house", "now he crashed thru the back door leaving with stolen property". as we get on scene the homeowner is very upset and wants the guy caught. when asked what was stolen the guy says " just two 1gal. ziploc baggies of marijuana......what an idiot
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                      It is amazing how many times the "victim" helps the crook just by the "victim's" stupidity. I'm sorry, but an unlocked home, an unlocked car or worse still a car with keys in it. These "victims" should not even be CALLED victims. Hell they are conspirators, even if they don't know the crook!

                      How many of us have ever seen the "victim" of a battery or assault that have not in some way brought it on themselves, or at least put themselves in a position where it was likely to happen. I'm speaking of a couple of guys fighting here, not sexual assualts or domestic violence. Though an awful lot of those have victims that have contributed to the situation.
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