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The Kissing Bandit....


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  • The Kissing Bandit....

    Serial Kisser Nabbed After Year-Long Spree

    TORONTO (Reuters) - A 56-year-old Canadian man, accused of planting hugs and kisses on unsuspecting pedestrians, will likely face a slew of sexual assault charges, police say.

    Police said the man had scuttled about the city over the past year striking up conversations with people on the street. The man, whom police described as well-dressed, allegedly directed his unwanted affection toward women and young boys.

    He allegedly complimented people, offered a handshake and would then pull them in and plop a kiss on their lips while enfolding them in a bear hug.

    ''We see all kinds but this type of behavior is very strange,'' Detective Sergeant Dave Perry said Thursday. ''I don't know why he was doing this.''

    The law finally caught up with the man, dubbed the ''crazy kisser'' by the media, after he hugged a woman who called the police before he left the area.

    ''There's no doubt in my mind that we'll be laying many, many more charges against him,'' Perry said.

    The suspect appeared in court on Thursday and faces up to nine charges of sexual assault over the incidents which began in November, 2001.

    HHHmmmm....???? Gotta wonder.

    My mind works like lightning. One brilliant flash and it is gone.

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    I would have figured that unless he kissed them on their booboo, it would not be sexual assualt, but then what do I know?


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      I would have kicked him in a very strategic spot.


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        A kiss on the cheek from a stranger would have been weird enuf...but on the lips? no way

        We have a guy at work who constantly loses his balance and has to reach out (ha ha) to keep from falling. The first time it was funny...the next 100 times it's not.
        "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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          WEll dern it there goes another great idea down the drain LOL

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            I would guess when they search his place,(they will search it, right?) that he will be found to have a serious collection of weirdness, and possibly have a history of other deviant behaviors.

            Be interesting to hear more, as the case develops.



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              Serial Kisser Nabbed After Year-Long Spree
              incidents which began in November, 2001.
              I knew there was always something wrong with the Math education of the Canadians!



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