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    I'm moving in a little under two months (I got a great deal on an apartment - $660 for a two-bedroom), and I've started packing up some of my stuff (I have a lot of stuff ... takes a while to pack it up). Found some books on the shelves I'd forgotten I had ...

    "The Things they Carried" by Tim O'Brien

    "Ghost Soldiers" by Hampton Sides

    "Flags of Our Fathers" by James Bradley

    "Suddenly We Didn't Want to Die", the memoirs of Elton E. Mackin, a Marine during WWI. This one is REALLY good, and I don't think its well known... he "fought in every Marine Brigade battle from Belleau Wood to the crossing of the Meuse on the eve of the Armistace."

    "Black Hawk Down" by Mark Bowden.

    And of course, just about every book by Stephen Ambrose

    Actually, I'm sort of steemed. I think my last roomate stole my Puller biography! Grr.

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    Evenm though they are Fiction, most Tom Clancy novels are a must read. Several of his non-fiction that focus on particular facets of the military are also very well-written and informative.

    Also don't forget "We Were Soldiers"


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      His earlier ones, certainly. I don't think much of his later stuff is good for much more than supporting a crooked table.

      I also liked Larry Bond's "global" stuff -- Cauldron (War in Europe), Vortex (War in Africa), Red Phoenix (War in Asia) ... but then he started focusing on recurring characters over global disasters, and yuck.


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