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  • Here's One For MikeTx

    I thought you'd appreciate this, Mike.

    This was an incredibly frustrating day. Our chief held a news conference to release the results of an independent audit of our red light photo enforcement program, which was shut down six months ago because of some problems at a couple of our 19 photo-enforced intersections.

    The chief was very clear: the audit says we should make some corrections, re-activate the 19 intersections, and add more red light cameras.

    I spent two hours this afternoon brow-beating and cajoling the web site administrators for two of the television stations and the main newspaper because their stories indicated that THE CHIEF said we would re-activate the system. Two of the stories even said he declared that the cameras would be operational again within 30-60 days (highly unlikely).

    I finally got the stories corrected, but it wasted most of my afternoon.

    Just wanted you to know, Mike, that not everything's peaches-and-cream with the media -- even for me.

    Thank you for your patience while I rant.

    PS-I sent a "thank you" to the major tv station that got it right from the beginning. They haven't responded yet...probably too stunned at receiving an "attaboy."

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    Dave personally I'm sure your a likable person, and I would probably like you. My problem simply is with bias in the media and unfair characterization. Thanks for the post.


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