This past weekend, like many others past, I spent camping with some LEO/Military buddies. We've been doing this several times a year for years...and always in the same place. We've never had any problems with animal 'invaders' in the past, and expected none this time around.

Imagine our surprise Sunday AM to discover coyote tracks LESS THAN 2 feet from our sleeping bags. One set of these tracks was HUGE!

Before turning in the previous evening, we'd heard coyotes, owls, etc in the distance. That's nothing new. We ALWAYS hear them. But we've NEVER had 'wild animals' enter an OCCUPIED camp and blazenly steal food before.

I am only thankful one of the kids with us didn't decide to take a 'late night potty break' while our 'visitors' were present.

As beautiful as I think coyotes are, they are now 'fair game' when we camp.