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LEO killed by 3 year old son

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  • LEO killed by 3 year old son

    So sad....A 22 year old LEO took off his gear and laid it on the kitchen table. He turned to say something to his wife, who is 8 months pregnant. Their their 3 year old son grabbed the gun and accidentally killed his father. This brought tears o my eyes. Those poor people and that poor child.....

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    I heard about this last night when I was in the chat room. From what I've gathered, this officer was a visitor to Police Chat, and I believe a visitor to chat as well. I don't have all the details, but was told his name was Josh and orginally from Tennessee. Gub would know more I do.

    What a tragedy. How very sad.


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      I feel so sorry for the entire family. Mom is a widow, two children will grow up without their father, and one day that little boy is going to realize that he killed his father. All this because of a moment of carelessness.


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        It's heartbreaking. The father was just being a human being and didn't think for a sec. I feel so bad for all of them.


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          How very, very sad.


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            How did a three-year-old child end up with a loaded pistol in his hand?

            I ask this because I find it difficult to believe a tiny little boy could work a service weapon out of a duty holster. He did this without anyone noticing?

            I'm sorry this tragic event happened. I hope we can all take something away from this and learn a little bit. If we do, this young police officer didn


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              His father took his gear off and laid it on the kitchen table. He turned to say something to his wife and the child grabbed the gun. It went off and shot the officer in the back. It's such a tragedy and a horrigying maoment his mother will forever remember. That poor child.


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                If this officer was a member of the chatroom was he also a member of our forum here? It is saddening how a tragic accident like this can occur. My heart goes out to his family and his department.

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                  There are a few things I would like to know here. How big is this three year old? Is he tall enough to reach up to a kitchen table and get the weapon without someone noticing? What kind of duty holster was the weapon in, if it was in the holster? If it was a security type holster, I find it hard to believe a three year old could get it out without someone noticing. How could he hold the weapon and his finger reach the trigger, or did he hold with two hands? And I would like to know if the weapon cycled, that is if it ejected the spent case. I find it hard to believe that, even if the child did hold the weapon with two hands, he had enough grip strengh for the weaopon to cycle. I may be wrong, but I would be looking very closely at the mother.
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                    I'm sure they are, Sarge. I wondered about that myself. The mother is 8 months pregnant so it's going to be really hard to understnad if she did do it. My own husband even questioned this. He said it's just hard to imagine a 3 year old having enough strength to press the trugger much less hit his father where it was fatal.


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                      The version I read said he placed the pistol on the table to talk to his wife, sounds like it was out of the holster.

                      I have withheld comment until now, but this incident ticks me off. WTF was a gun doing in the open around a three year old? This happens way too often!!

                      I have a five year-old daughter and she has been taught from the time she could understand that GUNS ARE OFF LIMITS and why. Ask her what to do in any situation dealing with discovering a gun, or a friend displays a gun, and she gives all of the right answers. When my neighbor showed me her new pistol, I held the (empty and slide locked back) gun out and asked her if she wanted to hold it. No way would she touch it, BUT I DON'T TRUST HER FOR ONE SECOND OUTSIDE MY EYESIGHT!!!!!!!!! It's not worth a life.

                      Anyone seen the TV shows with kids who all gave the correct answers for what to do in various situations; strangers, guns, etc. Almost every kid that KNOWS what to do will leave with a stranger, pick up a gun, etc., when away from the parents.

                      People, if have guns and kids, keep them APART. If you think it won't happen to you 'cause your kid knows better, then you are just an idiot.
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                        I agree with that statement txinvest. I know both my daughters know better and do the right things when I am around them but I have seen that a child acts totally different when their parents are not around. You can say what you want but I have delt with it now for that past year and a half. I have three kids living with me who when their mom is gone are three completely different kids. I have watched them from afar when they think myself and their mom can not see them or are around and they are even more diffent. All we can do as parents is keep instilling things in their heads and hope for the best when we are not around to help them.

                        Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                          I also taught my son to STAY AWAY from guns. When he was 11, he came home looking so scared. He said he had been at a neighbors and that his friend had shown him a miniature gun his father kept on the mantel. He said his friend pointed it right at him and so he fell to the floor. He said his friend then started chasing him with it, laughing.
                          I went down and talked to the parents and they said the gun was just for display and it was "not loaded". It concerned me how upset my son was so I called the police and they came and talked to them.
                          My son was never allowed back in that house.
                          It just doesn't sink in to some people that the most dangerous gun is an "unloaded" one.

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                            I agree 100% with txinvestigator. There is NO excuse for a child to get their hands on a gun. If it happens to you get rid of the gun!! You have no right to have one!!!

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                              How sad, not only a young person but what about his family. He leasves behind a wife and children, for what? A very sad mistake. I really feel sorry for this child, not only does he grow up without his father, but he also has to face the truth down the road on why he doesn't have his father. God bless all of them!
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