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'Did I Not?'


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  • 'Did I Not?'

    Anyone watch all the “World’s Wildest Police Videos” this past week or weekend? ..They were all on in a row back-to-back Sat. night I think it was. (It’s late and I’m tired, but I think that’s what they were called).

    Oh my gosh!
    I’ve seen all but one of them before, but it’s been a while.

    But, just wondering: did anyone see that last one where this one cop is trying to pull a guy over for suspected DUI – and he refuses to stop?
    He doesn’t do a lot of “speeding” – but his driving is just… well – he was “moving forward” I wouldn’t say he was necessarily “driving.”
    He hit everything there was to hit – except the road… sometimes he hit that too, but it appears to have been mostly an accident.
    Anyway – he’s just going along, cops following him lights and siren going; he hits a mailbox – because? was there – nothing else around but road and as noted, he was having a tough-time hitting that with any consistency: he goes off into someone’s yard, tears that all up; he decides he’ll go off road and starts driving through a big ol’ field – just weeds everywhere – and One tree! ..of course – he hits that tree and keeps going.
    ..He keeps going right off an embankment and into a creek where he gets pinned in his car by another tree blocking his door.
    The cops have to get out, go through all these weeds, briars, thickets, walk down the steep embankment – gods know what all’s out there in those woods (it’s pitch dark, dead of night) …
    They get the guy out of his car from the passenger side and the initial pursuing cop asks him the simple question: “Why didn’t you just stop?”
    The guy answers: “Did I not?”

    & that guy turned out to be a Corrections Officer no-less…

    That’s just too-much… my gosh. “Did I not?”

    HOW do people get THAT stupid?!?!?!?

    The cop had been trying to get that moron to pull over for about a half an hour at-least, I’d wager (in real-time, not the video-time obviously).
    That’s beyond drunkenness – that has to be idiocy plain and simple.

    When someone's that drunk, do you have to wait 'til they sober-up before you can tell whether it was just inebriation, or that and that they actually have an IQ of about 9?

    I still can't figure out why that cop didn't smack the guy in the back of the head when he said: "Did I not?"
    My respect, admiration and gratitude to all those who Protect and Serve. - Citizen

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    Bummer I worked saturday night so I missed it all. But I can tell you there has never been a drunk that I pulled over that has not tried to say something to get me to believe that he/she was sober and that I should just let them go. I even had one try to hand me a hundred dollar bill (as soon as he remembered where he put it) so that he could go home. I had that on tape recorder so he got an additional charge of attempted bribery.

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      Oh they get that stupid. Sometimes when I made an arrest and didn't have all the facts and they asked me what they were under arrest for ? I simply reply aggravated stupidity.
      Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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        I think my husband is addicted but now i have to hear look at all those idiots and "You want to be a cop, your nuts".
        "To each his own"


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