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Questions on a career in law enforcement


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  • Questions on a career in law enforcement

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Justin, I am a college student studying computer engineering. I am currently taking a semester off to think things over. The humdrum routine of college frustrates me to no end, and the things I am learning just don't appeal to me anymore. While I have considered the fact that perhaps I just need a change in major, I still am at least looking into other career opportunities during my break. So I hope you could indulge a young mind and answer some questions regarding your profession

    1. What exactly is the procedure to go about becoming an officer? I've looked all over for information and everything is very sketchy. Is there a school to attend? Standardized training programs? Private training agencies? Any certifications required in addition to any training? CPR comes to mind as a logical one.

    2. Is a college degree required? If not does it at least help with advancement and job growth? What major might help the most if that is the case?

    3. About the written exam... I read that there is an officer exam, 300 people normally take it, 200 pass, 100 make it to final elegibility, and only **2** are hired!? Those odds don't sound too appealing to me. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    4. Is there job availability? Is it a crowded job field, or a needy one? Is it typically easier to get a suburban job or a metropolitan one?

    5. I love animals, I volunteer at an animal orphanage a few times a week. How does one go about becoming a K-9 officer? Is it any different from a standard officer?

    6. What can I expect to make as a police officer annually? Are there standards raises over the years? Are there benefits? Do you live paycheck to paycheck, or is it at least comfortable living?

    7. What is an average work day like? Do you typically only have significant action rarely, or frequently?

    8. How are the hours? I heard officers work 12 hour days. How many days a week do you normally work? For those of you who have a family, do you find it hard to juggle both a family and job as an officer?

    9. Do you find the career you chose rewarding? It seems like it would be a job that I could be proud of. Does seeing crime and other problems each day ever bog down your emotions?

    10. How often have you had to use your firearm, if ever? I understand it is necessary at times, but I would prefer if I didn't have to resort to that on a regular occasion.

    I'm sure I could think of others, but thats a good start. Feel free to post with any other misc. things I might need to know. Thanks for your time!

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    I am going to move this to Ask A Cop where you will get more responses.


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