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Space Shuttle crash


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  • Space Shuttle crash

    If anyone hasn't heard yet, turn on your TV. NASA lost communication with Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas at 200,000 ft. It appears that it burned up on re-entry.

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    Am watching it. God be with them. [Frown]


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      As am I......I am very sad and am holding out hope that there may be survivors......


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        The families prayers are for the crew and their families.

        Jim Burnes


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          At school, Saturday Morning Detention. Probably the first time they've seen a teacher pray at his desk...

          God be with their families...
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            God be with them and with those who try to rescue and recover them!

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            you know my sitting down and my rising up;
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            Darkness is not dar to you;
            the night is as bright as the day;
            darkness and light to you are both alike.

            Psalm 139:1-2, 6-11
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              I was a Senior in HS when we lost Challenger. I remember wondering why the teachers were *so* upset, and chalked it up to the teacher on board...

              Now... now I understand.

              I am so saddened by this loss.

              I am also heartbroken for the Israeli people who lost their first astronaut. He was a hero, but beyond that an everyday symbol for them... he kept Kosher while in space.

              Words don't suffice.


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                We got calls from a local PD about 15 minutes before CNN broke it. Reports of a break up in mid air, possibly a commercial liner.
                Now we know, and God bless 'em all, let's keep them in our prayers.

                Out [Frown]

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                  When Columbia launched, part of a booster rocket hit it and they think maybe this had something to do with this. It's all just as heartbreaking as 17 years ago when we lost 7 other wonderful astronauts. The Columbia was the oldest shuttle and the heaviest ever to launch also.
                  I know that the astronauts and their families are aware of the dangers of space exploration but that doesn't make it any easier for the families.
                  Lots of heartbreak in the US today and fear as we are on the verge of war.


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                    I just turned my TV on and am watching the breaking news. How very tragic. My deepest condolences to both the US and Israel for this loss. It brings back the realisation that space travel is a very dangerous occupation and the astronauts are exceptionally brave people.

                    I hope that this does not send back space travel as it did the last time that a space shuttle exploded.

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                      God Bless them and their families. I don't think we will ever know what really happened.

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                        God Bless them [Frown]
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                          What a tragedy.

                          For those of you out there that may be dealing with the debris, certain parts of the outer hull of the shuttle may be radioactive due to the natural radioactivity imparted upon it in its travels.

                          If possible, dont touch it and keep people away from it. It wouldnt be life threatening, but it could pose a cleanup problem.
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                            I just got home and saw the news. I can't believe this happening. I'm really reminded of the Challenger, and seeing this happen while I was in college. I'm still in shock.
                            Thank you, Chaplain, for that beautiful verse!


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                              I just got in from work and have just seen the news. How tragic. God bless the families. These were brave explorers. [Frown]
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