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    Congratulations. You have finally done it. You have made great strides in
    destroying the NYPD. Yes, you, Mr. Mayor. Yes, you Commissioner (Fill in
    name here). Yes, you Borough Presidents, City Councilmen and women, Mayoral
    candidates, the Media, our Unions and last but not least, the citizens of
    York City. What was once the premier law enforcement agency in the
    world is rapidly becoming at best, a stepping stone to other agencies, and
    worst, the last resort for employment for the illiterate, unemployable
    masses. Apply and you most assuredly will not be turned away. 30 years old
    and no employment history? No problem. Arrests in your past? We can work
    it out. That is the current state of NYPD recruitment.

    To the Mayor: You appreciate the value of law enforcement, but not to those
    who carry out the enforcing. Your mind-boggling disregard of the value of
    police officers allowed you to compare yourself with the mayors of other
    municipalities when you gave yourself and your cronies a raise, and in the
    same breath stated that a similar comparison of police officer salaries was
    irrelevant. As pitifully as it sounds, we have buried officers that took
    less money than the raise you gave yourself. That is disgusting.

    The latest Academy graduating class saw 20 of its members turn in their
    shields and head for a better agency within a week of graduating. If you can
    believe the papers, that was $2 million wasted. There will be more to
    follow. Many, many more. It is an expected occurrence in the drive to
    maintain staffing levels. The costs of fleeing cops is adding up
    exponentially. But still no raise -- nothing to make the job more
    appealing. Just maintain
    force levels, no matter the experience lost or expense incurred. There are
    thousands of former NYPD cops in other agencies all over the country. I
    quite a few. We all do. Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Las Vegas,
    Florida, Massachusetts, California and on and on and on. For the most part,
    their salaries are appropriate for where they work and allows them to buy
    homes for their families on their own salary. Not homes that are
    70 miles away from their place of work. Not HUD homes. Not homes in the
    worst parts of town. They can afford real homes, in safe neighborhoods.
    cops cannot afford to do this. I know I can't. In addition, how many
    thousands of cops have been lost to FDNY? For the same pay they will work a
    job that requires much less of their time and zero outside scrutiny. Many
    laughingly consider FDNY the place where they rest up for their real job. A
    thousand firefighters in a thousand years of firefighting will never make
    decisions that would carry the same ramifications and accountability that
    police officers make routinely. There is no civilian board, to my
    that assesses the work of firefighters and recommends punishment
    For this there is pay parity. Why? What is the incentive to remain an NYPD
    Police Officer when given the choice of FDNY another agency? Being
    an interesting job just doen't cut it anymore. There is no longer any
    choice. This, unfortunately, has never been a concern of yours. Thank you
    Mr. Mayor.

    To the Mayoral Candidates. A greater example of sniveling cowards you will
    never see. Every one of you has used the NYPD as a whipping boy in order to
    placate those in the city who consistently rally to the defense of criminals
    following a confrontation with police. You are unfit to lead this city. It
    will be the disaster it was under our previous mayor. If certain groups
    appear to have an especially problematic relationship with the police --
    have a long hard HONEST look at those groups. To you cowards this is
    unthinkable. It is politically more astute, at the moment, to blame the
    ce rather than even attempt to examine the behavioral problems of the
    populace that CAUSE friction with law enforcement. You, if elected, will
    live in Gracie Mansion, with round the clock police protection. (From whom?)
    And people will still live in fear of their neighbors, in part due to the
    of your brand of "leadership." Thank you, candidates.

    To the Media: A few stories here and there about the problem with NYPD
    recruitment is a pretty good indication that it does not pay for you to be
    honest about it -- at the moment. It is disastrous. Where a hundred
    thousand used to pay to take the test, a fraction will only take it ---- for
    free. Standards are dropping faster than a White House Intern and there is
    barely a mention of it. Unfortunately, the stories about the actions of
    "bottom of the barrel" candidates when they are police officers will make
    much better copy. I can picture you salivating now. In the meantime, you
    will continue to display the first holy communion picture of every perp that
    runs afoul of the NYPD. Thank You Media. Great job.

    To the Commissioners: To stand by silently, obediently, when thousands of
    years of NYPD experience is walking out the doors is unforgivable.
    Recruitment has never been this bad. Ever. When we needed a powerful voice
    to demand a livable wage for us, you were effectively silent. All of you.
    Thank you, Commissioners.

    To our Unions: Your all-encompassing quest for self preservation has left
    impotent when it comes to getting us what we deserve. All one needs to do
    add up the costs of training cops that do not stay, and add to that the
    of the actions of those cops that should have never been hired in the first
    place. And if the best that you could do for us was to set up job fairs so
    that other departments could recruit from within our ranks, then you
    should have done just that. You owed us that at least if all you had to
    offer us was ZEROs. Thank you Unions.

    To the citizens of New York: Congratulations. You are getting the depatment
    you deserve. Recruitment classes filled with people with absolutely no
    viable employment opportunity open to them. Cops that are increasingly
    reactive, rather than proactive, because you want them to be. You let this
    happen. The value of homes in this city have skyrocketed to the point where
    cops cannot afford them, and you want them to live in the city. If your
    property taxes went up $100 a year, we could afford to pay COPS what they
    deserve. We could afford to make the NYPD a viable option when considering
    other jobs. We could afford to be choosy with our candidates. As things
    stand now, we can't. Thank You residents.
    Be Safe Wear Your Vest

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    Looks like soneone got fired! lol


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      Looks to me like reality. People get what they ask for, even if they don't know they are asking for it.


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        Unfortunately, the sorry situation described echoes the conditions in most large cities. I often wonder what we're all doing in the handbasket and where exactly we're going.

        Try as I might to put a positive spin on things and keep up the morale of those who still try, the job does seem to become more untenable with each passing day. The percentage of good officers is dwindling.

        I remember well when I was a rookie and the veteran officers would bemoan the sorry state of the then current hiring practices. Hippies and women being hired as cops spelled the end of the world as they knew it in those days. They were deluded of course, or so it seemed. Similar prophecies about the current crop of recruits ring much more clearly, and ominously, in my own mind now.

        I live and work in the city where I was born and raised. I can't and won't give up. Despite the seeming idiocy of the powers that be, I'll continue to do the job I've sworn to do until I retire. I'm glad that day is not too far off.


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          To Whomever the author is.....

          After reading this lengthy diatribe, I fail to understand what the your suggested solution is.If this was written to sway the minds of the elected officials,the media, the public,or the union, I'm afraid the sarcastic and demeaning tactics that you have chosen has sorrowfully missed it's mark. I would have suggested a more tactful approach, which would have listed the reasons for the perceived demise of the NYPD and then offered a viable solution.

          Your first paragraph should spell out the thesis and entice the reader to read further into the document. You in essence shut off the desire of your reader by putting them in a defensive mode. You ****ed in everyone's pool. Executive (mayor), legislative (council), media, voter and the ally you should have being the union.

          I think if you have followed the threads that run on this forum and other police forums, the hiring standards all over the nation have suffered from political correctness, and permissive courts. NYPD is not alone.

          If you look at the pay for an officer that puts his or her life on the line daily, no officer is paid enough.

          If you think that the political situations are much better in other area, then you should read the comments of disgruntled police officer all over the nation. I suggest comparing note with LAPD and see what their complaints are.

          If you are a member of the NYPD, I feel you have paid a disservice to other hard working officers of the NYPD that suffer from the same feeling of woe that you do, yet continue to work within the system and most assuredly work quietly to make the quality of the job better. This year has been a very tough year in the history of NYC. Everyone likes to blow off steam and maybe that is what you are doing. Heaven knows that many NYPD/FDNY has seen hell on earth.

          [ 01-23-2002: Message edited by: Guard Dog ]
          "The view only changes for the lead dog." ~ Sergeant Preston of The Yukon ~


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            Being a reader of the first and last paragraph of most long posts, I'd like to point something out that I saw in the last paragraph. It struck me as some kind of backasswards double talk:

            "The value of homes in this city have skyrocketed to the point where cops cannot afford them, and you want them to live in the city. If your property taxes went up $100 a year, we could afford to pay our COPS what they deserve"

            Now, if the property taxes are raised $100 per year, wouldn't that make city living about $100 more expensive per year for the cops?


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              I'll need to read it better when my ADD fades away in a few days, but what I saw looks like my agency. Low pay, graduating class going to other agencies, cost of living, bottom of the barrel...


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                All I know is, when Bernard Kerik was there, officer morale was better than previous years, and he supported his officers. He never flung them out to the sharks of the media.



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                  Isn't Kerik still there? Did I miss something I the news?
                  People have more fun than anybody.


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                    Kerik stepped down when D-ckiani (Guiliani) left the Mayors office.



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                      Kerik said he would never work for another mayor because of his loyalty towards Guiliani.(Sp?)
                      I've been following the plight of the NYPD for the last few years. The message that was posted may seem like rhetoric or the rant of a disgruntled employee, but alas it is pretty much the state of affairs in the NYPD. They've been having a multitude of problems that seem to just go on and on. They cannot even fill recruit classes. Low pay, low morale, NO support from public they serve, and on and on. It's a department that has great history, but it is struggling in the present.
                      "The streets of Philadelphia are safe...it's the people that make them unsafe"---Frank Rizzo


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                        Ow, somebody needs to take a chill pill. What about it, CopinNY or others from NYPD & area? Is TrueBlue ranting or what? I'm in agreeance with the others that it's not a bed of roses no matter where you are.


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                          OK, I've had a chance to look at the e-mail TB posted and my opinion sticks...it points out a lot of deficiencies within LE that really need to be addressed. Sure, this job isn't a bed of roses and we can't control all of the unknowns associated with it, but for cryin' loud, why the hell can't we count on the administration and city/county hoopty-do's to at least help out a little?

                          The tone of the e-mail probably could have been a little more tactful, but I'm sure there is more truth than embellishments in it.

                          I can relate to almost everything contained in the e-mail because I'm living it right now in my agency.

                          Bottom of the barrel hiring. We're getting people that have no business giving away Wal-Mart smilie face stickers, much less carrying a gun and driving a patrol car.

                          What's being done about it? They hire peolple from other agencies at higher rates of pay than those with considerable time on. I don't completely disagree with this practice, but you have to take care of those that endured the system for as long as we have.

                          I was training a new hire that made almost as much as me. He was shy of my hourly rate by cents. The only reason I made more was my 5% FTO incentive. I'm not doubting his abilities because he's a great cop and deserved his pay. What I don't like is the precedent it sets. It allows a lesser quality recruit to negotiate for the same pay range based on his experience not his work quality.

                          Losing quality people. In a period of two months we lost no less than 4 great Deputies to other Sheriff's Offices. They got hired making much than what they were getting paid here after 6 years of service or less. They weren't the first to migrate and they sure won't be the last.

                          What's being done about it? Not a damn thing. County council couldn't care less. Their attitude is "oh well, don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out".Nothing is being done to keep established members of the department here.

                          Last year they raised the entry level pay 9% but raised those with 3-10 years experience 6%. The council appeased us by saying that we'll get taken care of "next year". "Next year" came around and what happened? They raised starting pay 6% and everyone else 5%. Yeah, they took care of us, alright. Their explanation? "Well, with the economy now, we can't afford to give you any more." Not a problem at all. How about give the new hires less of a raise and compensate our pay more to make it a little more competitive?

                          Council attitude. "You're getting paid what you deserve".

                          A council woman gets cited for speed and she pleads her case in the newspaper instead of in court and publicly calls the motors unit "Motorcycle Mafia". She apologizes privately to the Sheriff.

                          "If we give the Sheriff's office a raise, we'll have to give all other departments a raise, too". Big deal. Equipment operators make almost as much as we do, in fact in some cases they make more. I'm not downing them because their job isn't a piece of cake, either, but come on, with our liability, responsibilities and training required, can't they throw us a bone?

                          Librarians make more than we do. Sure, there's a lot of education involved and I applaud them for doing their job, but what about the guys that have gone out and pursued their education? We have no less than 6 Deputies with Masters Degrees. We have at least one with a doctorate. What do they get for it? Nada. Zip. See, the State(the State, not the agency) gives incentives for up to a Bachelor's degree, but nothing for anything higher. The department gives you nothing but 50% reimbursement for college but only if the degree pertains to your work field(so the guys that want to advance to other county departments are boned) and only IF there is money available. There usually isn't.

                          Too many times I've seen the lowest common denominator become a protected species. Why should the wekest be protected? They do nothing but undermine the department's credibility, provide extra liability and destroy morale of the more important valuable members.

                          Why do I stick around? It's been 6 years now so I've invested a lot of time into my career. I've dug in some roots, become comfortable where I'm at and have grown accustomed to our problems. It doesn't mean I accept them, but I can recognize them. But the biggest reason? It's about time for re-election of half of our council. If we can't influence in other ways, maybe we can band together and replace the problems.

                          I know this is a rant and it may not be totally relevant to the initial post, but it still rings true. We don't get the pay, respect and support we deserve but that doesn't mean we can't express our issues nor does it mean we should back and accept it.

                          There was a thread quite a while back about LEO's not banding together to help their own causes and this is one of those examples. If more than one person would take the time to write a letter like that to express their concerns, maybe it would seem more like the truth as opposed to a disgruntled (ex)employee.


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                            FLLawDog said
                            "If we give the Sheriff's office a raise, we'll have to give all other departments a raise, too". Big deal. Equipment operators make almost as much as we do, in fact in some cases they make more. I'm not downing them because their job isn't a piece of cake, either, but come on, with our liability, responsibilities and training required, can't they throw us a bone?

                            Been there done that..... about ten years agi I was in a pay negotiation with the commite of the county board. Our memebr FOP rep had really done his homework. HE had graphs and charts, pay scales from all over.
                            We pointed out that the County highway worker riving a snow plow was making about $1.00 an hour more than our top deputy.

                            The answer??? " Well they are skilled labor and wel have to pay them more or they will get the teamster union in here."

                            There was a thread quite a while back about LEO's not banding together to help their own causes and this is one of those examples. If more than one person would take the time to write a letter like that to express their concerns, maybe it would seem more like the truth as opposed to a disgruntled (ex)employee.

                            I was actually the one that started that other thread, if it's the same one. I pointed out that firemen have one nationwide union (IAFF) They do a good job of getting them a unified voice. Cops don't get along with each other. Too many turf wars. Fireman will go anywhere to help each other.

                            Regarding the original post...I can see the persons frustration and I agree with the reduction of standards and lack of support. He should have made some suggestions however, on how to better things rather than just rant.
                            "The view only changes for the lead dog." ~ Sergeant Preston of The Yukon ~


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