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  • Heres's one for Dave Cohen

    (I cut this from another board)

    FROM: www.newsmax.com
    Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2002
    Another Racial 'Hate Crime' in Jasper, Texas?

    A motorist in Jasper, Texas, is accused of running over and killing a hitchhiker of another race.
    Sound like the nationally publicized car-dragging death of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper?

    If you wonder why you haven't heard any outcry about the new murder, or even heard about the
    case at all, here's why: This time the suspect is black and the victim is white.

    According to authorities:

    The victim, Ken Bimbo Tillery, visited a Jasper trailer park Friday night and asked around for a
    ride home. Blake Little and three others offered him a lift in Little's pickup truck after agreeing on a
    price of $5 for gasoline. The price increased to $50 by the time they arrived in Pineland. Tillery
    tried to escape and was chased.

    "A couple of the guys jump him and beat up on him, then the driver of the car runs over the guy,"
    said Jasper County Sheriff Billy Rowles. All were suspected of drinking and smoking crack.

    Little, who is black, was arrested Sunday on murder charges, the Associated Press reported

    Rowles, who investigated the 1998 murder of Byrd, was quick to claim that race did not appear to
    be a factor in Tillery's murder. There apparently has been no outcry yet that this case is a "hate

    Question 1: If this isn't a "hate crime," is it a "love crime" when someone is beaten and run over?

    Question 2: Would it be a "hate crime" if Little were white and Tillery nonwhite? Just as in Orwell's
    "Animal Farm," under "hate crimes" everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.

    Question 3: Why are supporters of "hate crime" legislation so obsessed with the criminal's motive?
    Tillery is just as dead as Byrd was.

    Question 4: Why do most media consider this case not newsworthy? We scan the news wires
    nightly and saw no mention of this murder until a Texas reader of NewsMax pointed out the case
    The murder of Byrd sparked national outrage, and during the 2000 presidential campaign the
    pro-Democrat pressure group National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ran a
    vile ad trying somehow to blame Byrd's killing on George W. Bush, who as Texas governor had
    opposed bogus "hate crime" legislation.

    Question 5: What added punishment would leftists like to give those who commit "hate crimes"?
    Two of Byrd's killers await execution, something liberals are always crying about, and the third is
    spending life in prison on the taxpayers' dime.

    As the reader who sent us this news tip wrote: "I guess we won't be reading about that in any
    newspapers or watching it on TV news, huh?" You got that right.

    So Dave, why doesn't the media tell this story? Is it because the races are reversed and you can't bash white people, to try some pathetic guilt trip on us, that it isn't news worthy? By the way, where exactly is Jasper Dave? Isn't that close to a little town in LA.? LOL![/b]

    Link to actual story

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    I read about this incident, with more details, in my local paper yesterday, Mike. If I recall correctly, the location given was Pinehills, Texas. The story did make reference to the Byrd murder but did not directly indicate race as a factor in this killing. It did appear, however, that such a motive had been considered and later dismissed.


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      Thanks for thinking of me, Mike.

      I don't pretend -- and never have -- to speak for all media, but I suspect many did not pick up this story precisely because it is not being carried as a hate crime. Just like they don't cover the hundreds of other murders that occur nationally every day.

      But as Dinosaur points out, it appeared in a newspaper in Pennsylvania, so, Mike, at least some media did carry the story.

      Let's talk a little about hate crimes, Mike. In California, at least, you don't charge a person with a hate crime. Here it's an enhancement. You must have committed some other crime to be arrested; if your crime was motivated by race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., the hate crime enhancement can be filed. This provides additional jail/prison time if the suspect is found guilty and the jury finds the hate crime allegation to be true.

      Mike, the sheriff investigating this case says there is nothing to indicate that race played a role in the death. Therefore, at this time, he doesn't have a hate crime. Therefore, it's just another of America's murders that don't make news except in the town or city where it occurred. The story probably made it in a Pennsylvania paper because of the earlier incident in Jasper, which, by the way, Mike, is a good distance east of San Diego.

      Hate crimes get filed against suspects of all races, Mike. At least that's what happens here in San Diego.

      Your question about motive: motive comes into play in every murder in the country, Mike. It's part of what can separate capital cases from others. If the criminal's motive isn't recognized within the hate crime statute of a state, a hate crime isn't charged.

      I know you won't believe this, Mike -- but I'll say it anyway: this story wasn't picked up by most media because it wasn't a hate crime and wasn't noteworthy for any other reason (except, to a few perhaps, because it occurred in Jasper); the lack of coverage had nothing to do with the race of the victim or the suspect.

      If you still have a guilt trip, Mike, get some help.


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        Thanks Dave, I tried to get help, but the hospital won't let me carry my gun in there!

        Here is what I think about this. The crime may not have been racially motivated. BUT, I would bet money if the races were reversed, the media would be ramming it down our throats as a possible hate crime. In fact, I KNOW they would.


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          I agree partially, Mike, that if the race situation had been reversed, there would have been media attention just because it occurred near Jasper & the relationship with the Byrd case. Even if the Sheriff & everyone else said there was no hate crime involved until they were blue in the face, the media woould have made something out of it. But I also agree with Dave in that since it was not a hate crime (by definition) then the media just didn't care. But the question still lingers: if the victim had been black & the suspects also black, would they have beat him up & run over him for $50? Probably, considering they were drunk & high at the time. But we'll never know.


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            GDenman, given your close proximity to Jasper, I was curious if you heard about this or not. Thanks.

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              Troll spewing.

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                Irrelevant genealogical drivel.

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                  Unoriginal regurgitation.

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                    I spy with my little eye three posts that will soon say goodbye.


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                      I don't see the posts as bad.


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                        I agree. The spelling and grammar are far superior to most who write neo-Nazi BS.


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                          So omega, do you have a point?
                          Dave Kiefner
                          [i]Die Wahrheit ist eine Perle. Werfen sie nicht vor die S


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                            Originally posted by Omega:
                            Now How about the Jews In the Media? Molding American Minds
                            For example, a racially mixed couple will be respected, liked, and socially sought after by other characters, as will a "take charge" Black scholar or businessman, or a sensitive and talented homosexual, or a poor but honest and hardworking illegal alien from Mexico. On the other hand, a White racist -- that is, any racially conscious White person who looks askance at miscegenation or at the rapidly darkening racial...
                            Half of me wants to laugh at this whole thing...probably the white half! hahaha. and i swear i read this whole post in another thread...are you trying to poision my mind? or am i having deja vu all over again??

                            if youre trying to say gays are always portrayed as good people on tv, as are illegal immigrants, mixed couples, and black men...then i cant believe my eyes.

                            all of these kinds of people exist in our world, they are people, just like you and me. the real poison in this world is HATRED, and if you think by spreading it you make for a better world...well, im not gonna say what i really want to say. and believe me, hate doesnt hurt the ones you hate, it only hurts YOU. you're the one that will live in misery over it. they dont give a rats *** if you like them.

                            learn to tolerate those that arent like you.
                            "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                              On second thought, now I see it is merely a regurgitation of previous postings, along with an irrelevant lesson on the Cohen Family History.

                              Omega, I also note that one of my colleagues promised that future posts would be edited. Therefore, in accordance with your name, this is the End.
                              Dave Kiefner
                              [i]Die Wahrheit ist eine Perle. Werfen sie nicht vor die S


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