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  • msgs not given & oral boards

    well, I'm up in the cold, dark, wee hours getting awake for my oral boards. The oral boards that I MISSED on Monday thanks to my fellow dispatchers.

    Messages not given is a continual rant of deputies and officers... Monday afternoon there's a message on my machine from the Sgt. I return the call when I got up--but just barely missed him. So yesterday I call... conversation went something like this...

    "I'm returning your call..."
    "What's up?"
    "uh... nothing" (we don't usually have 'how are you' type conversations over the phone... )
    "Where were you yesterday?
    me... confused... "Huh?"
    "Oral Boards..."
    me... sinking feeling in pit of stomach... "WHAT!?!?!?!"

    Apparantly he left a message on my home machine either during or just before the storm. Of course we lost power here and there during the storm and I didn't get that. But more importantly he left a message with Dispatch to tell me when I came in to contact him. Now, they can email me (checked at beginning of every shift, flashes if you've got mail waiting) leave notes, tape notes to my locker, leave messages in my box... NOTHING. NADA. And I worked FOUR FULL SHIFTS between the message-given time and the Oral boards.

    I'm just a leeeetle ****ed. Ya think?

    They've rescheduled for me, it's today at 0800. What I'm not sure is if this is regular or Admin oral boards, since Admin oral boards are also scheduled for today. BTW I was supposed to be at my PT job at the muni at 0800...

    This is for a PT contract Deputy position with a town within the county. Would mean all my training would be PAID as opposed to volunteer, and they even supply some gear. Won't change my Reserve status if I don't get it, but would be nice to get some bennies for all the time I've put in...

    Hopefully by the time I get back to Dispatch I'll have calmed down... really can't afford to get myself fired from my FT w/insurance job...

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    Dispatchers and messages, where to start?

    I realize they are not my answering service, I have a cell phone for personal calls so that my kids and girlfriends won't bother them. Anyone who I want to talk to has my cell number.

    It really burns me up when a dispatcher forgets about a message I received from someone on the outside that is work related. It's really bad when an Assistant Chief wants to see you as soon as you hit the door and the dispatcher forgets to tell you that.
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