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  • Any dog lovers out there

    Just collected a new dog today. He’s a 2-year-old White German Shepherd called Winston. He was unwanted by his last family because one of their other dogs bit one of the children. They donated him to the Police about 3 months ago. The Police have been using him on some Potential Dog Handler Courses. These are 1-week courses for officers who want to be dog handlers.
    This week they started a full course to train the new dogs. After only one-week poor Winston has failed. He just isn’t aggressive enough. The Dog Section Sergeant is a friends of my, and he knew we wanted a GSD as a family pet, so I went to see the dog yesterday and fell in love with him, and he’s now at my home currently exploring the garden.
    The immediate task now is to integrate him into our family, which currently consists of two children aged 12 and 10 years, two Siamese Cats, and a Guinea Pig. (Oh and one wife).
    The cats disappeared this morning, and Guinea Pig won’t come out of his hut into his run.
    Although I my parents always had dogs, and I grew up with them, my family have never had a dog as a pet.
    Anyone out there faced this problem before and can give a few hints.

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    I just have what people call 2 *foo-foo* dogs....A male and female Yorkie. But,they don't fit the *foo-foo* stereotype. The female never barks but is tough as nails with the male Yorkie. She is 8. The male Yorkie is big for a Yorkie, weighs almost 15 pounds. He is 2. He doesn't have a yippy bark. It coms from deep within him and he sounds just like a regular, larger dog when he barks. And NO ONE gets near his house without us knowing it! No one!
    Your cats will probably get used to the dog. Our deaf cat did but Bubba, our cat who just passed away, never liked them.


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      I have a 3 months old Siberian Husky named "Alex" (brown-white with beautiful blue eyes) B4 that i have a Great Rottweiler now 6 yrs old and serve as a Police dog. I really love my dog much. U have to give them time i guess...BUT wait and ready for the war between cats and the dog. Cats are jealous and free animals..if they are older enough i guess in the 1st time they dont Winston with them and in family...If they are young cats the problem will be solved quickly. BUT i bet they used to live together soon. Good luck!
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        Yeah...big ones!!!! Especially Dobermans. I had one several years ago and my wife had one before I married her. We are looking into buying a house and we can't wait. She's already looking for good breeders here in PA. But we both love big dogs.....Labs, Great Danes!! I am torn between a huge GD, or a black Lab.......but my heart belongs to a Dobie!!!!


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          Currently have two Rottweilers, 1yrs and 2yrs.old both females.I show German style sieger show and train in schutzhund, actually I'm registering a kennel with the CKC. I'm also considering with a couple of friends, starting a health club for dogs.I volunteer with animal shelter helping new owners select the right dog and teach basic obedience to make dogs more adoptable.

          A working breed of dog such as a GSD, needs lots of excersise both mentaly and physical. If my girls miss a day at the park 2hrs min., they become the dogs from heck, destructive is a under statement. In short if you do not find things for them to do, they will take apon themselves to find something.....GSD seem to like turning couches into chew toys!!!!!

          Since you have not had this dog from puppy hood, bounding is a little difficult. One thing I would do is a simple excersise: Carry treats with you, whenever the dog is near you give a treat for no reason, praise dog with name. Start calling the dog to you give treat and praise with name. After a couple of days get the dog to lay with you on the floor, petting,treating and praising. This way you will show your dog you are its friend.......

          Secondly I would enroll in a basic obedience class for training of your new pet. The person who is primary care giver should do this. Even if the dog seems to be well trained, do it, its great bonding and refresher for new owners. If you have kids get them doing short small obedience routines as well, get them to place dog in downs and sits etc etc, this way they will know the kids are in charge and higher in the family "pack". This is also great socialization for dog and owner, kinda like a live "forum".

          Other pets will learn to co-habitate, they will bond in time, let them do it on own terms.

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            Gilbert: I had 2 white German Shephards. They were absolutely the best and I loved them very much. ALWAYS felt safe because they were around. I never had trouble with them chewing on things once I started giving them rawhide treats.


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              I had lots of dogs as a child. A pug named Misty. A white lab named Libby. A bloodhound named Daisy. A german Shepard named Princess.

              Now we have 2 Black labs, One thats 13 named Rose. And one thats 19 months named Max. Then we have A German Shepard/ PitBull named Jennifer. And we have had our fair share of Cats too. They all have been a joy to grow up with.
              "To each his own"


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                I have a three year old border Collie.

                We got him from a rescue center. In his previous job as a sheep dog he killed a sheep as part of a pack. He's lucky he didn't get shot.

                Anyway we have him now and he's ace.

                Si vis pacem, para bellum


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                  I had lots of dogs growing up. A few that I remember: two pitbulls, one named Brutis, the other Brindle... A Rotweiler named Dune... 2 Chihauhaus, one named Mickey, one named Minnie... a terrier named Bartholemule... a Mini-Daschaund named Jamaal.. and I now have a mini daschaund named Lewis... most of my dogs met there demise in a rather tragic way.. poor doggies


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                    When I went to the Citizen's Academy, I just fell in love with Ajax (pronounced I-ax). He was absolutely the most beautiful German Shepard I have ever seen. So noble and dignified. He didn't even mind being petted and had a wonderful relationship with his "cop".
                    There was another one, I forget his name, that was smaller, more nervous and black, whereas Ajax was more gray. This one was VERY tuned into his job and his "cop" said he jumped 6 foot fences with ease. But, he wasn't super-friendly.
                    Ajax could run within the room we were in but the other cop kept his dog with him. When it came time for them to go back to work, Ajax got in the car quietly where as this other dog could not WAIT to get back to work. You could tell he loved his job.
                    Ajax made me really want a German Separd but, where we live, it really would not be fair to a big dog.

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                      Gilbert, whenever you introduce a new pet into a home already occupied by other pets, you need to seperate them for awhile through a closed door. This allows for the animals to get used to the other's scent and presece in the house.
                      If this isn't possible, (as was the case in my house...1 German Shep, 5..yes, 5 cats) the best adice I received from my Vet and Dog Trainer was to let the animals "work it out". Just make sure they don't harm one another. For weeks I had a 80lb dog chasing cats all over the house . We blocked the steps to the second floor with a baby gate. Now, if the cats need a break from the dog, they sit on the other side of the gate and I have tranquility again . Just be EXTREMELY patient. That's the key to successfully caring for a dog.

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                        Mine is a 12-year old chihuahua. I got him as a companion when the kids grew up and moved out. He is great that way, but he barks his head off every time someone comes near the house. It is very annoying during the day. At night when a burglar might drop by he is sound asleep. I'm sure he wouldn't hear a sound. Aside for that one problem, he is fine. The vet said the only sure way of stopping him would be to have his vocal cords cut, but I couldn't do that to him.

                        If I ever get another dog I want one a little larger and a little more quiet.


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                          Gilbert, I agree with LBomb, just let the animals work it out. It might take some time, but they will figure things out for themselves. I have had a mini-daschund for 11 years, and we got a companion mutt for her about 7 years ago. Man they had some knock-down drag-outs(both females). Drew blood a couple of times, but now they get along ok, with just an occasional spat of growling at each other. Most of the time they are fine, and actually enjoy playing together.
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                            My wife and I have two rescued greyhounds -- the sweetest, quietest dogs I have ever owned.

                            They're 40 mph couch potatoes. When we do take them to run in an enclosed area, they hit 35-40 mph almost instantly. You talk about "buns of steel" -- these guys have 'em!


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                              I have a Toby dog. He's half Manchester Terrier, half Black Lab. Try to imagine an overstuffed black sausage, or as my father-in-law says, a barrel on 4 legs.
                              Toby is very friendly, and loves other animals. He and Gizmo the cat have pretty much accepted each other, and Toby lets Gizmo share food and treats.

                              Toby is an excellent companion, and a good family dog. He's 6 now, which makes that the longest I have had any dog.
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