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  • I have to know

    Picked up our 10 year old CV from the shop the other day. Nothing like bringing it in FOR A NEW STEERING WHEEL. Is there something with the younger generation of Police that they can't wait to try out their "$100 Tactical Knife" on the steering wheel of a squad car. We had about a foot long piece of the rubber/ foam gone and just steel covered in burrs left. The kicker is, this was done by unk P/O (s) from an outside unit that "borrows" cars from us. Kind of like asking to use the bathroom in someone's house and then crapping in the sink.

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    Same thing happens here, bro. It was alot worse with the pre-05 CV's for some reason, Ford changed the steering wheel that year and it was a different material. But the 98's through the 04's looked just like you described after they had been on the street for awhile. The Ford dealer probably made a ton of money off of us replacing steering wheels.

    I never could understand why some people treat the cars the way that they do...I'd hate to see what their house looks like.
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      We have assigned cars for similar reasons. Each day that I show up to work, I drive the same fleet car. The reasoning is that officers that drive the same car day after day tend to take better care of it than your regular fleet car. I am by no means OCD, but I have a few rules with my car.

      1) Don't jack with my radio station presets.
      2) Don't leave me with less than 3/4 tank unless there is a good reason for it.
      3) Don't leave my car trashed.
      4) Don't leave my back seat smelling like the ***-end of a St. Paddy's Day parade. There are special Superman-killing wipes in the trunk provided my the local medics that will kill every bad germ known to man. There are also a bunch of rubber gloves back there, supplied by the same medics. They are both there for a reason. Use them.
      5) Don't jack with my radio station presets.


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        Oddly enough those are the same rules I give my son's.... Still all 4 tend to be the case.

        There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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          The steering wheels often peel on their own, no one has to knife them. My '99 was so bad I had to use a cover to keep the foam from getting all over my uniform.
          I miss you, Dave.


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            Originally posted by CruiserClass View Post
            The steering wheels often peel on their own, no one has to knife them. My '99 was so bad I had to use a cover to keep the foam from getting all over my uniform.
            I know. This started with the "knife attack," then went to leather cover, which was cut off, then skinning it like an animal hyde.. It is our regular car, but units from outside ours come in to borrow cars and since ours isn't used on other shifts, it gets given out. These same people make (or steal) their own keys for it and snatch it whenever they want.


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