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Rape suspect's ex: He wanted to be police officer


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  • Rape suspect's ex: He wanted to be police officer
    Rape suspect's ex: He wanted to be police officer

    Luis Harris, the ex-convict who allegedly passed himself off as an undercover agent in two Tampa assaults last week, one of them involving a rape, always wanted to be a police officer, according to the mother of his two children.

    "That was a lifelong dream," said Kimberly McGraw. "He always wanted to be a cop. He always thought he was a cop. It's been in his head he's a cop."

    Harris, 31, was arrested Saturday on charges he pistol-whipped a man outside a bar while passing himself off as an undercover agent. He is also accused of raping a woman Thursday night after pulling her over for a supposed drunken-driving arrest, all the while posing as an undercover agent.

    While growing up in Volusia County, Harris was a Police Explorer at the DeLand Police Department for three or four years in the early 1990s, said Deputy Chief Randel Henderson.

    In January 1996, he began training at the Lake Technical Center, Institute of Public Safety, in Tavares to become a law enforcement officer. But he never completed training and was never certified or employed in law enforcement, according to the state Department of Law Enforcement.

    McGraw, now 29, said that within days of graduating, he was kicked out. Harris told her it was because he was always late; she said she was told by someone else that he was caught stealing documents in the academy. In 1997, she gave birth to the first of their two sons.

    After he got kicked out, Harris ran into trouble with the law, drawing charges of grand theft and sexual battery, among others, in the late 90s. He pleaded guilty to grand theft charges in April 2000 in Volusia County, according to records.

    As part of his plea, he was sentenced to six months of probation and ordered to pay Buddy's Home Furnishings $300 in restitution. He was also ordered to report May 1, 2000, to the Department of Corrections to serve a brief jail sentence, according to Volusia County records.

    It was about this time, however – after he was accused of sexual battery -- that Harris went on the lam, McGraw said. Harris had dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship, and he contacted McGraw after he vanished, saying he would send for her and their two children so they could live with him in Mexico.

    Years later, he resurfaced in Las Vegas and eventually went on trial in the sexual battery case in 2005, McGraw said. She was flown to Volusia County from North Carolina to testify against him, saying he had sexually assaulted her before he was officially charged with raping another woman, she said.

    In June 2005, he was found not guilty of sexual battery and burglary with assault and battery, according to records. Saturday, as he was escorted to a squad car in Tampa, Harris claimed the new sexual battery charge stemming from Thursday's assault was a vendetta against him because he was acquitted in the earlier case.

    He was also proud that he had eluded a conviction in the 1999 rape, she said.

    "They couldn't prove he raped her," McGraw said. "Luis knew what to do. Going to the police academy he learned so much. He's a danger because he was taught by police. He uses that to his advantage."

    "He thought he was above the law," she said. "He thought he was better than them and smarter than them."

    Though he was acquitted in the 1999 rape, he was found guilty of failing to show up to account for the charges related to the allegation, Volusia County court records show.

    Harris was sentenced to three years in prison for that failure and the two counts of grand theft, according to Department of Corrections records. He was released from prison in October, but was to remain supervised for an additional two years.

    Once he was free, McGraw was afraid for herself and their two sons – one is now 12, the other is now 11 – because Harris had been violent toward her when they were together. Court records show she had filed petitions for restraining orders against him.

    There is some relief now that he's behind bars, she said.

    His sons, meanwhile, are getting hammered on the Internet by their friends, she said. The friends' remarks run along the lines of, "I can't believe your dad did this," she said.
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    Maybe he'll on ask-a-cop....


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      Originally posted by sweetcynic View Post
      Maybe he'll on ask-a-cop....
      After I read the main post, before I saw sweetcynic's reply, I thought the same thing...

      Ask a Cop needs to be on the lookout!

      Originally posted by mitojo
      I was once thanked by two citizens in one day. Weird.


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