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    I think the voters in Dallas were/are snookered by Ron Kirk and his gang. Also, What do you think will happen when Laura Miller takes over. Or maybe Tom Dunning?

    Out of curiosity, what knid of retirement benefits do officers on the low end of the pay scale have to look forward too?


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      Well as far as retirement goes, I will be set at 50, and wont have to work a day in my life after that if I dont want to.

      I guess my last post sounded a little bit depressing. It's really not that bad. I knew the pay when I started, I accepted the job anyway, so if its anyone's fault, its my own. Besides, I have turned down some good job offers because I didnt want to push paper.

      Right now I am doing what I enjoy. Some days are better than others. I havent been able to land my ideal job yet, and in the mean time this job is the next best alternative.


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        Hey, I use to be a Chief of Police in a small town in NC. I was only paid 24,000 a year. Went to another town and was paid 29,000 a year.

        I now work for a SO and grossed $38000 last year not counting off-duty specials.

        Your right LE never gets paid enough, and never will. Small towns cannt afford a lot of money especially today with businesses going under left and right. Besides there is always someone out there willing to do the job (replace you) mentality in government.


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          I've been with my department for 12 years. We are definitely on the low side of earnings! If I make it my 20 years, I'll get to draw my social security check at 65! Even though the council has talked about retirement, it hasn't happened yet, and I don't see it happening in the near future. Our guys start out at about 18,000 a year, and raises are few and far in between. It's tough, but, for some ungody reason, I like the job.


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            Don't count your chickens too soon, Spec. I've never been able to accept the "set for life" feeling that some associate with retirement. Having lived through the runaway inflation of the 70's, I've seen what can happen.

            I started out at the princely salary of $15,000 a year. Guys were retiring then at 50% of their base, thinking they had it made.

            Shortly after I came on I was assigned to work a detail at a neighborhood carnival. I met an old guy there who was working one of the game booths. He told me he was a retired Corporal from my department. He'd gone out about 10 years earlier with a 50% pension. It amounted to less than $3000 a year. He said it seemed like "good money" at the time.

            We've never had a cost-of-living adjustment applied to our pensions. I think most agency's plans are similar in that regard. No lifetime medical either. Medical insurance becomes an out-of-pocket expense after 4 years.

            I'm hoping that a COLA and improved medical package will be a part of our next contract award. If not, I'll just pray for deflation and good health.


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              Originally posted by 207:

              With all due respect and no malice intended, I don't see how some out there get by. It must be very difficult especially for the officers with families.
              LEO's dont make enuf money, i agree. you do have to look at the cost of living tho, especially rent or home prices. we are very high on all of that here in the northeast, as with insurance and taxes. in some cases that's a factor i think, in others it's not.

              my ex-husband made close to $50K as a patrolman with overtime 10 years ago. in that Twp rookies started out at what Sgts made in a nearby town. that to me is not fair. i would think it would be good to work for an agency that could transfer you anywhere in the country, at the same salary.
              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                I realize the pay sucks and you are never appreciated but, Is it worth it in the end when you know you've found the missing child, helped the domestic abuse victim by throwing the creep beating her up in jail,and helped a old lady who has alzeimers find her way home? Do you go to bed at night knowing you did your best for everyone you helped that day? Until the world realizes you are human and deserve respect and better pay for doing your dangerous jobs. Instead of giving all the money to sports stars. The good deeds will have to be enough.
                "To each his own"


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                  One thing that hurts is all the new laws that keep getting passed because someone wanted to feel good and get re-elected. Then more tax dollars are needed to pay for all that extra equipment you have to carry.


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                    Retirement? Hopefully I'll live that long

                    We subscribe to the Texas County and District Retirement System. We "contribute" 7% of our pay and the county matches it. This is not an option, however we do have a Deferred Compensation plan that is an option.

                    You become vested at 8 years of service.

                    To retire, one's age and years of service must add up to 75 for eligibility.

                    If I'm not mistaken, you can't draw the retirement until you're 60, but that may have changed.

                    There was also some talk about retiring after 20, but I haven't heard anything about that lately.

                    The retirement system is pretty strong, since those that work a few years and quit (if they don't go to another dept on the same system), even if they draw out their contribution, what the agency puts in is still there, drawing interest and adding to the pool.
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                      That stinks.
                      My dept starts the recruits at $18.25 hr while they are in the academy.
                      Right now I make base wise $23.50 hr + 6% shift pay(mids).
                      It sounds like some of your need to look else where for this type of work. I am sure you enjoy where you live but there are better else where. We get guys applying form all over the US. The cast of living is not that bad it evens out since we do not pay a state income tax in ANC we do not pay a sales tax either. BUT they are thinking of adding one of those in the next couple of years.
                      But if you did get into this job for the money than you know by now it is not worth it.

                      That Guy
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                        "Don't count your chickens too soon, Spec. I've never been able to accept the "set for life" feeling that some associate with retirement. Having lived through the runaway inflation of the 70's, I've seen what can happen."

                        I appreciate the heads up Dinosaur, I really do. But I'm not depending on LE to be my primary source for my retirement income.


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                          "With all due respect and no malice intended, I don't see how some out there get by. It must be very difficult especially for the officers with families."


                          It is, but a lot of the numbers game is regional.

                          What would it cost to build a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a den and a family room (in addition to a living room) on a 1/2 acre (oe even 1/4 acre) lot...in a decent middle class neighborhood where you live?


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                            Nite is right....Numbers are important. We live in a middle class neighborhood. We have a nice brick house, nothing special, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. I like our neighborhood.
                            But, a friend in New York just about died when he saw our house. He said to have one like that, where he lives in New York, you'd be talking $350,000. Here, it's only worth about half that.
                            Where you live has a lot to say about how far your money will go. He intends to move here when he retires. With what he gets for his house up there, he can get a bigger one then ours down here.


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                              My department pays us part-time officers $10/hr, full time officers have a pretty decent deal though. They start at $33K, double time and a half holidays, 8hrs OT max per week, after that it has to be all comp time. Step increases every 5 years, as well as vacation time increases. OIC if not a sgt gets sgt pay level for that time. I think it's 3 personal and 7 sick days per year, can sell back unused time or accrue into next year's time. Comp time is accrued indefinitely. Not a bad deal, it's a small dept so not too active, but we get our share.

                              I have a friend who was hired by Chicago about 2 years ago now. All through the academy he made $33K/yr, on graduation day raised to $39K, 6 mos after that (off probation) raise to $43K. With OT and everything for last year he told me he made about $50K.


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                                i work part time in an office as an admin asst., i basically handle all of the filing and accounts payable/recieveable. its a good job b/c my schedule is flexible and the pay is good for a student...$15.00 an hour. feels weird that im going through college just to take a pay cut when i graduate and get hired by my local PD.


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