Hello all I'm new here so I will make this short. We here at Blowguns Northwest & Stuff, Inc. supply airsoft guns and ammo and gear to police training facilitys around the world. We carry Glocks/M4/beretta's/shotgun airsoft guns that are so real you think you handling the real thing. If you dont see it on our web site then ask we can get almost any airsoft gun ever made. http://www.blowgunsnw.com/guns/airsoft.htm

Cost is the best part of useing Airsoft guns for training. Our guns are half or well below half of a real gun(glock)etc. Your chief will like the idea of saving money in there training budgets. We know that some semunations training cost as high as $1.00 around. Thats just way to high for tight police dept budgets when you can buy 5000 rounds from us for $20.99 a huge savings to your dept. So come look at us and we hope we can supply your departmental needs. http://www.blowgunsnw.com/guns/airsoft.htm

We look forward to any questions you may have in useing our airsoft training weapons.

Chuck L.
Sales Blowguns Northwest & Stuff, Inc. [email protected]