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  • Please rate the following...

    Just my curiosity taking over...
    Please rate the following (1-10) and please tell me why:

    Underwear: boxers, briefs, panties, thongs, bras
    Deaf drivers
    Your Chief
    Your spose or GF/BF
    Sex as what: passtime, hobby, need, animal desire
    Your badge
    Matrix (movie I &II)

    and one other:

    The Net

    [ 05-09-2003, 11:20 PM: Message edited by: LEO-wanna-be ]

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    The things people post to this board...

    Shakira : 2; talentless, flash-in-the-pan marketing phenom

    Tazers : 6; effective, but expensive ranged defensive weapon. Shame they're so heavily regulated where I live.

    Underwear: boxers 4, briefs 6, panties 6, thongs 2 (abomination of nature, if you want to floss yer crack, floss yer crack, but do it in private, thanks), bras 3 (generally, but not always, a symbolic and largely unnecessary enslavement of the female body only a step above the corset)

    Men :3; the scum of the earth, source of all evil, ignorant, selfish, bipedal pigs

    Women : 6, long-suffering, occasionally self-centered people superior to men in most every way

    Womyn : 8; enlightened, strong-willed, no-nonsense modern individuals with largely excellent tastes in music and fashion

    Baltimore : 5, never been, wouldn't want to be

    Deaf drivers : 4

    Your Cheif : don't have a cheif; don't have a chief, either

    Your spose or GF/BF : 8 attractive, strong-willed individual amazingly willing to put up with my ****...

    Sex as what: pas[t]time 6 (enjoyable, but not the be-all and end-all), hobby 2 (that's just sad), need 1 (pure B.S.), animal desire 2 (self-control is underrated)

    Condoms : 9; more people should use them more often...

    Your badge : don't have a "real" badge;

    Reports : 6; like reading 'em, don't like writing 'em

    People : 3; on the whole, people suck. Insane1 and I have discussed this, but I continue to feel that while there are intelligent, likable individuals, "people" as a whole, as a race, are an unintelligent, unimaginative, self-centered, short-sighted and selfish race, which I am ashamed to be a part of.

    Matrix (movie I &II) : don't watch movies

    and one other:

    The Net : 3; to quote from my website: "...few people truly think for themselves at all, yet alone rationally, and the greatest communication tool the world has ever known - the internet - is used primarily as a means to perpetrate scams and fraud, view pornography, and maliciously circumnavigate copyright laws."

    Sarcasm: Just another valuable service I provide.


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      Originally posted by MikeinMN:
      Womyn : 8; enlightened, strong-willed, no-nonsense modern individuals with largely excellent tastes in music and fashion

      Mike, Overall your answers were extremely eloquent and witty. But you've GOT to be kidding with the one up above.

      WOMYN : 0 Fat, hairy-legged, flannel shirt wearing, men's wristwatch sporting, angry, ugly, confused, mullet-haired carpet munchers!
      No cops, know anarchy.

      "He aint finna come all up in my house and act a fool and be gettin away with it cause I will go smooth off." -Movista


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        shakira - 10

        i never got past this one!!!
        I'll post, You argue.


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          Shakira-1 who cares.
          Tazers-10 anything that inflicts pain on a criminal is o.k. in my book.
          Underwear: To each is own, I give them all a 10 because they are a staple. Thongs-yuck 0. If I wanted to have a wedgie I'd give myself one. Bras-0. Hate them. But for some people who need to wear them, I give them a 10 for NECESSITY.
          Men-10 How can you live without a man? I find men better friends than women because you don't listen to the whiney BS and the gossip.
          Women-8 Women are too complicated. If they weren't so critical of other women I'd give them a 10.
          Womyn-0 Come on...get with it. It's WOMEN. I don't go for the new age crap.
          Baltimore-5. I hear it's nice, but I'll stay here thanks.
          Deaf drivers-5 Good for them, but could be very dangerous!
          Your Cheif-2 I'll toss in my husband's lieutenant. Has no clue and sits behind a desk.
          Your spouse or GF/BF-9. Nobody is perfect, but his good qualities outweigh his bad ones.
          Sex as what: passtime, hobby, need, animal desire-Sex is overrated so I'll give it PASSTIME.
          Condoms-9 They serve a very good purpose, but I don't agree with passing them out to high schoolers.
          Your badge-Mine? LOL I am the spouse. But I'll give hubby's badge a 10. He worked very hard for it. We could go without the cows and haystacks though!!!
          Reports-n/a doesn't affect me.
          People-In general, 5. Because mean people suck. I can't give all people a 10.
          Matrix (movie I &II)-Never saw, and who cares.
          "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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            Shakira 3 That tango song was ok.

            Tazers I don't know, haven't used it yet.

            Underwear: boxers 10, briefs 10, panties, thongs, bras Panties, thongs and bras. I don't wear them so it would be hard for me to rate them.

            Men ???

            Women 10, the reason men exist.
            Womyn -5 Liberals to hell, now!

            Baltimore 4 I was there once. The inner harbor is nice, but what comes to mind is the guy playing the 5 gallon pails. He was no Lars Ulrich.

            Deaf drivers Why am I rating someone with a disability that is able to do something?

            Your Cheif Chief? 10, Chef? 5

            Your spose or GF/BF Spouse? 10

            Sex as what: passtime, hobby, need, animal desire
            Condoms All kind of personal maybe a bit too much for

            Your badge 9 The only 10 I have ever seen is the LAPD badge.

            Reports 7
            People Depends who it is.
            Matrix (movie I &II) ??? Haven't seen either.
            Drug Recognition Expert


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              "Shakira 3 That tango song was ok."

              she sings too!!!???? [Eek!] [Eek!]
              I'll post, You argue.


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                What about:

                your HS english teacher (my Aunt is one)
                Celine Dion
                Florida (was born there)
                the future
                LEO's: when you were a rookie


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