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  • Las Vegas Shows

    What are some of the best Las Vegas shows that are currently playing? Anyone have some input?

    I plan of DEFINITELY seeing the Blue Man Group, but I'm curious about other shows.
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    I lived there for 24 years and never went to a show. I have heard that the Cirque de Sole (spl) is cool.


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      Insane, you're quite a bit younger than I am so our tastes are probably different. If you're not aware Vegas.Com is an excellent tool for finding what's going on when you'll be in Las Vegas. I've found great room rates through them as well.

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        "O" at the Bellagio is the best show in town. It's also kind of pricey and not an easy ticket to get if you're not staying at the Bellagio. I have never spoke to anybody who didn't say it was the best show they had ever been to. One gun nut I work (who I never imagined going to a Vegas show) with went with his grirlfriend and said it would have been worth $500 a seat because it was so good.

        I've also heard good things about Cirque de Soleil's show at Treasure Island ("Mystere") and The Blue Man Group at Luxor.
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          Mystere is without a doubt the best for the money in Vegas. O is good. Blue Man group is great fun too. Those are the best three. Splash is waaaaay over rated. There are quit a few new ones now that I haven't caught, but none of them are runaways that everybody talks about like Cirque and Blue Man were when they came to town. If going to Mystere, make sure you get there before the doors open. One of the best parts of the show is before the show even starts.


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            Plan for Blue Man Group.. its the largest of the 4 cities they play in. I have seen it in chicago as well, and while the smaller Chicago theater is more intimate, some of the visuals at Luxor are incredible. Its a must see, and you get to greet the BMG in the lobby at Luxor afterwards too.

            "O" at Bellagio is next up for my next visit.. BMG won out last year since Im such a fan, but heard the show is great. If you like magic, the Lance Burton show at Monte Carlo is really great too.

            Agree with Bill R. on the site..

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              I have decided to go see two shows... BMG (saw that in Chicago a few months ago) and "O"

              I actually downloaded a short video advertisement for it. OH MAN.. it looks AWESOME!!!.. but its (0 buck a pop... I'm definately gonna spend some Cashola out there.
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                Do they still have the Crazy Girls show?????


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