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Snoop Dogg shot at and missed.


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  • Snoop Dogg shot at and missed.


    "A shooting in Los Angeles Thursday night struck a convoy of cars, one of which was carrying rapper Snoop Dogg.

    Authorities said one of the musician's bodyguards was injured. Snoop Dogg was not hurt.

    Police said up to five cars were traveling through the Mid-City area when the shooting happened at about 9 p.m. (PST). The rap star's entourage included seven bodyguards -- five were from the Inglewood school district and two were state parole officers.

    Another car pulled alongside the convoy and three men with guns opened fire. Police Sergeant Brian Owen said it appeared that one of the gunmen wanted to speak with the rapper, and words were exchanged before bullets hit two of the cars.

    An off-duty police officer with the Inglewood school district was shot in the back. He was taken to a hospital and released early Friday.

    It's unclear if the wounded man was in the same car as Snoop Dogg.

    Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, was questioned by police along with the bodyguards and other people who were with him. Owen saids he does not expect 31-year-old Broadus and the others to be booked for a crime.

    No arrests have been made.


    lousy shooters i'd say.

    "missed it by THAT much!!!"
    I'll post, You argue.

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    Dang! Dat's off da hizzle fo shizzle my nizzle!!
    No cops, know anarchy.

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      An incident of violence involving a rapper? How odd!


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        Owen saids he does not expect 31-year-old Broadus and the others to be booked for a crime.

        For what crime ? Getting SHOT at ? [Eek!]
        Getting shot at is a crime ?

        Is that the way it is in L.A. now ?
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          Easy there. I'm sure that was in response to some reporter asking if the criminally-inclined Snoop Doggy Schitt or whatever was going to be charged with a crime. These things often are two-sided and involve illegal brandishing on both parts.
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            Some guy must have seen his daughter in the latest Girls GOne Wild video taped by Snoop!!!!


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              Somebody needs to improve their shooting. . .
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