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    I am getting ready to pull my state and federal files to apply for an LEO job. One of the questions that will be asked will be to list all contact with law enforcement. I had only 1 run-in that I am worried about. About 12 years ago I was laid off from the auto industry and was forced to file for bankruptcy. The bank took my mobile home. About 4 months later, while it was still abandoned, some kids broke into it and accidently set it on fire (at least thats what the detective on scene had concluded in the paper the next day). I was called at home and had to take a copy of my paperwork to the scene and was questioned by the local pd and released without being charged and was never contacted again. The county arson investigator told me not to worry about it and stated that I was not a suspect (after only 10 or 15 minutes of questioning). The honest to god truth was that I was home with my kids at the time. My question is whether or not this will be held against me during the application process? Would those that read this and have served on interview commitee's have any advice or am I overreacting?
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      What he said.


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        Shouldn't be a problem. When called on to do so, list and explain the situation as you have here. Things happen. Good luck in your efforts.


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          On most of the applications out here, there is a section "Have you ever been investigated for any crime or by any agency?" Something to that effect. You would have check Yes on that box, then filled out an explanation. You may want to get a copy of the police/investigation report that was filed since you were technically the victim of a crime, even though it was a bank repo. Just have that handy for them in case the hiring agency asks, because out here they ask us if we have copies of any civil/criminal court action against us.


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            You're fine. Just tell the truth and forget about it. If that's all you have on your background you're doing better than most.


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              This should be in the "Ask A Cop" section. That said, put in your application, man!!
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                Thanks everyone. I considered putting this in "Ask A Cop" but then wouldn't be able to reply. I will be proactive and go get a copy of the report and have it on hand before they ask for it then. Thanks again.
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                  Originally posted by medica430 View Post
                  Thanks everyone. I considered putting this in "Ask A Cop" but then wouldn't be able to reply. .
                  Try re-reading the rules for Ask A Cop

                  "HOWEVER, is you are a civilian and have a NEW Question or need clarification of an answer, you can reply in the original post. But we will not permit the 'Ask A Cop' discussion to turn into a battleground between civilians and cops...or for that matter cops and cops, or all in between."


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                    Got it. Thanks.
                    "People don't fail, they give up". - Dale Carnegie


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