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  • For Thehopeful:The cop I AM....

    Myself and the other part-timer worked security for a junior high ballgame tonight...at MY school. No big deal. Nothing EVER happens at ballgames.

    As the evening progressed and my school's teams ran the visiting teams ragged, the smalltalk drifted to 'what kind of kid is he/she?' My partner was curious because he is an assistant principal in my systems largest high school.

    We talked about the players, the cheerleaders, etc, myself commenting specifically on 3 students...twin ball players and a cheerleader.

    'They're NEVER in any kind of trouble', I remarked...because they AREN'T. I should have knocked on some wood...

    Not 30 minutes later, we were breaking up a fight between the cheerleader and one of the ball playing twins. It was the usual junior high school 'he said/she said' scenario.

    OK...what do I do? Technically, I'm supposed to cite them into juvenile court for assault and disorderly conduct.

    If it had been some of the OTHER(read that as THUGS) students my partner and I had discussed earlier, I would have. Prejudiced? Maybe..... But...and THANK GOD for 'officer discretion'!...I didn't. I turned it over to the school administrator attending the game, instead, to be handled first thing tomorrow morning.

    Why, you ask? Simple. Remember the 'runner' I wrote about from last summer...the one that is currently incarcerated pending his 18th birthday? The 2 twin ball players are his younger sisters.

    I figured IF I could spare the mother some grief, I would. It was within my 'power' to do so. The cheerleader involved.....well, I have a 'soft spot' for cheerleaders, since my daughter was one for most of her school years. This cheerleader is also one of my favorite former students. This girl is an 'A/B' student. What possible 'good' would it have done to introduce her to the court system? Again, it was within my 'power' to help her....so I did.

    Did I do what was 'right'? Technically, 'NO'. But my HEART knows different.

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    Officer Discretion baby.... You did good.
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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      Kudos. Treat 'em the way you'd want your kid to be treated. You have an advantage because you know those kids...use it!
      I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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