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One house vs. the other (survey)


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  • One house vs. the other (survey) I OFFICIALLY put my house on the market. I was so nervous, but the only way I am going to move is to just DO IT and stop worrying whether or not it'll sell.

    We looked at a few houses today just to get a feel for what's out there in our area. Let me tell you...nothing much! We really liked two houses but if we could combine the two it would be perfect! (isn't that how it always happens?)

    The house I like is small. Like this one, BUT there is a good acre of land to build out on. Good area, and a nice place for the kids to be able to play and the dogs to run free. There's a fireplace and a deck that are very nice, which we don't have here. Hardwood floors throughout, same as here. Small rooms, same as here. The kitchen is in dire need of new countertops though. That is all cosmetic. I keep thinking of the land and the fact that there's a nice dry basement that can be finished into a family room.

    The house he likes is on a small lot, about .13 acre. Nice neighborhood and dead end street. The kids will still have to play in the street but at least they won't get hit by a car like they would here. Cars go about 40 in a 25 here. The house is bigger and there is a den for the computer/tv. A lot of old crappy wallpaper and carpets need to come out. There are some gorgeous wood floors underneath the carpet. The yard is nicely landscaped and usable. Unlike our yard here is constantly wet and we never use it. Nice driveway and garage, which we don't have here.

    The house I like is about 14K more than the one he likes. I feel I can put up with a small house so long as I have the possibility to expand and create the house we've always wanted in the future. There is certainly enough land to do it.

    What would you do if you were in our shoes? Go for the small house with the land, or the larger house with the same amount of land? I don't want to feel like I will get sick of that house and can't expand and have to sell again!

    Your opinions please! [Wink]
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    It depends, if you can afford to build, and have the patentice to wait for construction to finish, and can deal with all the hassels of having workmen in and out (I couldnt think of another way to phrase that ), not finishing on time, and demanding more money, then go with the small house on big lot. Make sure you check the local building code and planning laws.

    If you cant stomach all of the above, then gfet the big house!


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