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Here are my dogs...I hope this pic isn't too big


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  • Here are my dogs...I hope this pic isn't too big

    I tried to make it smaller. I put this pic on my Christmas card...The front said..."You better have a Merry Christmas...." and pic of the dogs was on the inside and I put under it..."Or these 2 dogs will have suffered for nothing." Mitzie is the female on the left. Bru is huge for a Yorkie, almost 17 pounds to Mitzies 8 pounds. Thye are both rescues. Both are Yorkies. I told my H and son to pretend they are German Shepards. I'd love to have a German Shepard but I believe in being fair to a dog. We simply don't have the room for a big dog.

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    Awww how cute!
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      They are a pair. The female is 9 and very vert quiet. Her abuse was not as bad as the males, who is losing his eyesight. We don't care. We love him anyway. He's a big goof. lol The female is very intelligent. You can tell her to go to a member of the family and she will go to the right person. Tell Bru to do that and he runs and gets his rope like, "Is this what you mean?" lol But the poor thing was left out in a cage in rain and cold and heat so he's a little messed up. It really affected him. But he's very very loving and protective. Only likes us though. Any stranger in the house has to walk slow and shake my hand so Bru can tell it's ok. But his eyesight is really worsening.


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        Awww, they are adorable. I actually just got a dog also. They are the same breed, Yorkshire Terrier. My friend and I bought two, a boy and a girl. She took the girl and I took the boy. My dog's name is Ben-jee and my friend named hers Tinklebell. Ben-jee is three months old now and he is such a beauty. Aren't they?

        The abuse of animals makes me so angry. Heck, I shouldn't be surprise because people abuse little children and lock them up and don't feed them for months until they are caught.

        I'm glad they got rescued. I'm sure you will take good care of them.

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          They're adorable!! How did you get them to sit there? I tried to grab a quick picture of my little cutie, but I had to take about 30 just to get this one:

          Thought you might like to see my little "Brutus". He's a real BRUTE lol

          You can't see his eyes because his head is tilted to far back, but I figured it was cute.
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            HOW CUTE! lol My dogs listen to me really well. Even so, I had to keep saying, "stay,stay,stay," because the female assumed this was beneath her. lol Brutus is adorable!
            My husband and son want a German Shepard so bad but we just don't have the room. My husband and I witnessed the female being kicked by his girlfriends boyfriend with steeltoed boots. WOW! You should have seen my husband. A6'5", 260lb man standing over him mad scared the guy. lol She was ours that night and is the SWEETEST thing in the whole world.
            Bru spent almost 4 months in a cage at a breeders. He was let out to run for food and if he was lucky he got some if the other digs didn't get it all first. If not, he didn't eat. He was such a sad boy and didn't trut humans for a long time. But now, he just loves us all so much. Sadly, his eyesight is failing but we don't care. He barks at anything that moves and we know it's because he doesn't see well. But he will always be with us.
            We are glad we could give them home. All my dogs have been mutts. These are the first pure bred I have ever had.


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              That's terrible the way some people treat dogs. Brutus is still being crate trained and it's taking him forever to catch on. My basset hound took a year too. Now, she roams the house 24/7 and she knows not to go pee pee or doo doo in the house. I have a small house, and a lot of animals!! LOL My Dad calls this the zoo. I am in the process of putting an additional litter box upstairs because when I do let Brutus out he corners the cats upstairs and they aren't able to come down and use the box. So....(we won't go into details....let's just say I had to clean a lot). Brutus is still a puppy and is so wired as you can see from the photo.

              Gina, one of my cats I rescued from the animal shelter. She's a great cat.

              Molly and Brutus are both pure breeds. Basset and cairn terrier. But I've also had a mixed breed who was also a great dog, unfortunately she died of lymphosarcoma 2 years ago. [Frown]
              "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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                My mutt I loved dearly died sevral years ago at age 16. I SWORE I'd nver get another dog, it hurt soba when she died. I loved her so much. Her name was Missy.
                But, these two needed a home. Bru can't be anywhere but here because I know he'd spend his time being taken back and forth to the SPCA.
                Our big cat, Bubba, died last year of kidney failure and we miss him so much. He was our "dumpster"kitty. His litter was found in a dumpster and we took him as they were being adopted out by a kind peron who found them. He was 8. And we have a deaf white cat named Peppr who is 12. He is the calmest cat in the world, I gues because he's deaf. We can take him to the vet and if a dog sniffs him, he just sits there and sniffs noses back. People can't get over it.


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