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Crazy, last day retirement stunts?


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  • Crazy, last day retirement stunts?

    Do guys (or ladies) in your departments do anything crazy on their last day on the job? We've had a couple guys take a long drive....(1) guy went up to Disneyland and (1) of our motors hauled ***** out to Vegas and had his picture taken at the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign on I-15...

    I'm sure there's been much crazier stuff. Let's hear it. I need some ideas Only 4 years, 9 months and 24 days to go
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    I heard about a motor that was told to leave all his equipment on the Sgt's desk....so he did....bike and all.

    I think someone one posted a pic of it here too.
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      Our Area commanders are always away at meetings with other agencies, conferences, etc., and it is not unusual to go for a couple of weeks without seeing your Captain.

      A couple of years back one of our Captains filed for retirement with CalPERS but never bothered to tell the department. A couple of weeks before his last day he started quietly removing all of his personal items from his office, a little bit here, a little bit there until everything was gone. On his last day he walked out the door leaving all his department issue equipment locked in his desk and his take home car in the parking lot, never to be seen or heard from again. It took about three weeks before anyone noticed that he was missing. Finally a Deputy Chief called his house to check on him only to be told, "Didn't you get the note? I retired last month."

      Similarly, about 20 years ago one of our Sergeants did the same thing. He held a uniquely funded position that had him constantly traveling around the state on a special teaching assignment..He was only in the office once or twice a month to update his schedule and pick up supplies. One day someone noticed that they hadn't seen him in months and thought they would call his house and check on him. When they did they learned that he had retired three months ago and that all of his department equipment was locked in his desk.

      One of my buddies is retiring in two years and is planning a similar exit strategy.

      A couple of years ago one of our most senior guys retired. On his last day, folks in the office rented a hummer limo to pick him and his wife up at his house. With the limo was the entire motor detail.from our station. "Rumor" has it that the motor detail ran a full VIP motorcade shutting down the freeway as they escorted the limo to the station. The officer completed his time sheet, was given the rest of the day off as a retirement present and the motor detail escorted him, his wife and the limo home.
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        Originally posted by willowdared View Post
        I heard about a motor that was told to leave all his equipment on the Sgt's desk....so he did....bike and all.

        I think someone one posted a pic of it here too.

        here you go....
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          That's Great

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            I heard one of our guys went waterskiing behind the police patrol boat on his last day. Would have been a good picture to take.


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              I am calling in sick on my last day...
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                working on mine..............a shade under 9 months to think it out.
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                  I heard about one guy who on his last day had 3 boxes of flairs left in his car.
                  Can anyone guess what his last MVA looked like?
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