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This week's PC BS !!!!!!!


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  • This week's PC BS !!!!!!!

    some snippets:

    Snuffing out Smokes

    Recent prints of the famous 1969 photo of the Beatles crossing a street near the Abbey Road studios have been altered to remove the cigarette from Paul McCartney’s hand, reports London’s Sun.

    Companies, among them U.S. giant Allposters, asked that the cigarette be removed by computer wizardry. It may also be removed for the cover of the Abbey Road album the next time it is re-issued.

    Anti-smoking activists praised the move, but smokers’ rights groups said it was absurd.

    "This is pathetic," said Simon Clark, of the pro-smoking group Forest. "What next? We will have to remove pipes and cigars from pictures of Sherlock Holmes and Winston Churchill. These people should stop trying to rewrite history."

    Dire Straits

    A Michigan state ad campaign encouraging people to file their taxes online with the image of a man in a straightjacket was pulled after mental health advocates called it “stigmatizing,” reports the Associated Press.

    The ad features a wide-eyed man biting a piece of rope attached to a straitjacket under the phrase: "You'd have to be certifiable not to," referring to filing state taxes online.

    In letters to the governor and state treasurer, Mark Reinstein of of the Mental Health Association in Michigan, said the ad "reinforces deplorable stereotypes that persons experiencing mental illness must be wild-eyed, uncontrollable individuals who belong in straitjackets

    Red is Dead

    Teachers at an elementary school in England have been told to stop using red ink to mark up their students’ papers because it has negative connotations, reports the BBC.

    In the future, kids at Uplands Manor Primary School in the West Midlands will have their mistakes noted in green ink. Penny Penn-Howard, head of school improvement for the district, said red "can be seen as a negative approach to improving pupils' work."

    But Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said red ink is effective. "Children have to learn to take life's ups and downs," he said. "Banning red ink is a rather trendy and politically correct idea."

    Thinking Aloud = Trouble

    A building inspector in South Florida was fired from his job after complaining to a newspaper columnist about the influx of immigrants to the region, reports the Miami Herald.

    In comments to Herald columnist Jim DeFede, Miami Shores inspector Charley Esher blamed Cuban and other immigrants for South Florida's political corruption as well as the demise of the Orange Bowl Parade.

    The comments drew complaints on the day they were published, and the 72-year-old Esher was fired immediately.

    Esher says he doesn’t think he should have been fired for merely having an opinion.

    "I personally don't hate anybody. I deal with Cubans all the time and they don't have any problem with me," he said. “But I do get upset when the people or immigrants of any sort don't learn to speak English. The United States is united because we speak one language. The more we diversify the language, the less we can communicate with each other.''
    I'll post, You argue.

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    Originally posted by nickg:

    The United States is united because we speak one language. The more we diversify the language, the less we can communicate with each other.


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        Yet another one to balme on 555/X. Some people have no life at all. It's sad, really.

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