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    [ 07-17-2002: Message edited by: Legal Assistant ]
    This post has been rated PG-13 for your viewing pleasure.


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      Yes while it is hard to take anothers life sometimes it is a nessessary evil that we have to do to protect others. I have yet to talk to a officer who really enjoyed pulling that trigger while aiming at another human being. All I can say is stay safe out there for the BG's are not going to cut you a break.

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        (*ATTN-Newer officers-I learned the hard way-you shouldn


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          This topic brings up an issue which I always seem to some back to...in my mind.

          Why don't all PD's and SO's use two officer car plans? Had this deputy had a partner on scene, he might be alive today.

          I know the reason. Budgets make it better for the agencies pocketbooks. Putting two cops in a car may slow down response times to hot calls. They'd have to hire more officers (at least that's what I imagine they're thinking) to compensate for the lost coverage. Plus 2 officers puts half as many black and whites in the field, so the illusion will be that there are twice as many officers out there.

          I'm just babbling here, but the bottom line is that the majority of departments consider your safety a cost issue. It costs them too much $$ for you to work with a partner. Kind of makes you wonder how much your life is really worth to them? Sad.

          I agree with LB Bomb's old Lt. I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6. I've already made up my mind: If someone points a weapon at me, the time for voice commands is gone. I will shoot without hesitation and let the lawyers do what they will later.

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          Officer, I borrowed these pants!


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