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5 story leap - jackass misses Darwin gene pool


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  • 5 story leap - jackass misses Darwin gene pool

    BAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAA!!!!!!! i don't know WHO i feel sorry for, him or his parents for raising a moron.

    Teen critically hurt in 5-story stunt leap

    [email protected]

    SARASOTA COUNTY -- With his friend videotaping him and five others watching from below, Paul Smith leaped from the roof of the five-story condominium Tuesday night and sailed toward a swimming pool below, authorities said.

    It was a stunt the 18-year-old had seen his friends pull off, like something on "Jackass," the daredevil MTV show and movie in which the host and stars outdo each other in feats of insanity and danger.

    As the camera showed, Smith didn't splash cleanly into the water. His torso and legs crashed into the ledge of the pool, and then he fell into the water.

    "Paul," yelled the friend holding the camera. "Wake up!" "Wake up!"

    " You'll be all right, Paul," said another friend. "Calm down."

    Smith, 700 block Ponder Avenue in Sarasota, was taken by helicopter to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, where he was in critical but stable condition Wednesday afternoon, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. He suffered multiple fractures to both legs.

    Janet Stone, Smith's mother, told WWSB Channel 40 news that her son had attempted similar feats before."This is what I feel is so important for the public to understand," she told a TV reporter. "All his pranks come from the 'Jackass' movie. … Granted what my kid did was stupid, but they are impressionable."

    Nationally, the movie and TV show have been blamed for scores of imitator acts that ended in serious injuries, even deaths. The show's producers have defended themselves by saying the series bears a warning not to try its stunts at home.

    Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Burns said the teens were trying imitate "Jackass." He said he didn't understand why Smith would put his life in danger.

    "He's an 18-year-old and can make his own decisions," Burns said. "I hope that everybody he sees on television or movie he wouldn't duplicate. To willfully do something like that and be injured, it makes you shake your head."

    The Sheriff's Office released videotape of the incident. It shows several of the teens successfully jumping from the roof, and one of them jumping from a building into a tall bush. And it includes footage of another teen running through Sarasota Square Mall in a one-piece women's bathing suit.

    "Hopefully this video will wake some kids up," Burns said. "If this had to happen, you hope that it means that it won't have to happen to other kids. Kids need to know there are consequences for their actions, sometimes very serious consequences."

    Other teens involved in the stunt, and their families, declined to comment or did not return phone calls.

    Deputies were called to the Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club on Midnight Pass Road at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.Smith, a Sarasota High School dropout, James Zinkand, 16, and Nicholas Nelpert, 18, were at the condominium tower, according to the sheriff's report.

    Emmy Calvo, one of the managers at the Sarasota Surf and Racquet Club, said Smith and his friends "were not our guests at all." The stairwell is locked, she said, and she did not know how Smith and his friends got inside.

    The Sheriff's Office is expected to file criminal trespassing charges against Smith and his friends if the club agrees.Resident Lynn Bonnvie said she saw one of the teens jump successfully and remembers thinking, "You guys are crazy."

    She talked to one of Smith's friends after the ill-fated jump.

    " We did it the first time," he said, according to Bonnvie. "Everything was fine. I can't believe this is happening."
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    I saw the tape. I runnner up for a Darwin award. Mommie will be suing the pool owner I`m sure.
    Life is like a 3 ring circus and cops have a front row seat. It`s The Greatest Show On Earth.


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      What?! A parent of an idiot that actually ADMITS the stupidity of her child?! It's a ray of light in a dark world!

      Of course, she has to temper it by shifting some blame to the movie.

      What really irks me is when $hit-for-brains like this can't afford their medical care and my tax dollars end up paying to put their bodies back together.
      Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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        About a month ago, some young idiot here in Minnesota set himself on fire after seeing that movie...

        I guess he did it *twice*. The first time with rubbing alcohol, which evaporated and burned off quickly.

        The second time with kerosene, which, well, doesn't evaporate quite as fast. Something like 65% burns...

        <sigh> Some people just shouldn't breed...
        Sarcasm: Just another valuable service I provide.


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          This is just an hour or so down the highway from me, so the local media is ALL over it, naturally. They keep showing the kid's mother, blaming the media, MTV and everyone else, except for the one responsible...the "rocket scientist" kid. Mom is talking lawsuit...against the condo and MTV for airing that stupid show, Jackass. HELLO!!! Is the show called Jackass for a reason?!?!

          Yes, I know 18 year old young men frequently suffer from what I call Testosterone Poisoning, i.e., doing stupid, dangerous sh*t to impress your friends, but this kid will pay for his idiocy for the rest of his life, in pain and at least partially disabled.

          My son, age 12, said it perfectly when he said, "What a dumbass!"
          "Sometimes, I guess there just aren't enough rocks." -Forrest Gump


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            Originally posted by BeatleFan:
            My son, age 12, said it perfectly when he said, "What a dumbass!"

            Perhaps that's a more fitting title for the show


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              how to ruin your life in one easy lesson

              I bet he was advised against it too, but the problem is.... he saw other boys doing it so that they went into the pool, no injury, if they can do it ... "he can do it"
              what a tragedy
              from your old mate
              c h i e f y
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                What happened to the good old days when teen pranks consisted of TPing houses and stealing jack-o-lanterns and things like that? Then again- if they're only hurting themselves, I guess I'd rather have that then get my car egged
                I am disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious? - Mr. Sparkle


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                  When my 14 year old nephew told me that he and his friends were making a video called, "Donkey," I was curious. He told me they were just doing a spin-off of "Jackass" I laughed and was so proud ...when I was his age, before video cameras , my friend and I would use her dads old reel to reel camera to film stupid pranks we would play on friends or her mom. Any way, I asked my nephew if he was doing stupid things with fire, gasoline, or using tall buildings to leap from. He replied, "I am just having fun, I am not stupid." I felt some relief. He likes Monty Python movies and they just do stuff along that line .....potty humor, dressing up in funny outfits, funny voices, stuff like that...some skateboard and bicycle tricks, but nothing stupid..just your regular 14 year old stuff. He is a bright boy and my brother would surely beat his butt if he did anything to edanger his life.
                  Now, there is no excuse for an 18 year old doing such idiotic stunts....Jackass has their *** saved with their disclaimer at the beginnng. Give me a break; the mother of that boy is just ashamed that she did not teach her adult son the finer points of common sense...please. Once, when crashed my bike after trying to a jump ramp that was made of concrete blocks and thin father did not complain to the neighborhood for not having proper play equiptment nor did he sue the parents of the boy who made the rickety ramp. He helped me clean up, put band-aids on my knees, ice on my head, looked at my mangled bike and told me it was not very lady-like to get all dirty and play like a boy...smiled....told me to tell mom I just tripped and told me to use common sense next time..."YOu might break a bone or your head next time." The end. Our neighborhood ramps became sturdier with every wipe-out and we learned.....that boy was just an idiot or shall I say, jackass?
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