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Yeah Tampa Bay...WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Yeah Tampa Bay...WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a trip to live in a championship city. It was so much fun to watch that game and see our boys win.

    WAY TO GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!

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    I had to work and miss the game, but I did manage to see the score in the 2nd quarter from one of the rooms I was in. I was rooting for the Raiders, but didn't really care who won in the end. I could have easily flipped a coin, since neither are my team.

    Congrats Tampa Bay! I am so glad football is over.

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!
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      stupid tampa bay!!!!!!

      NOT that i'm mad they won because i was rooting for them to do so. but they just HAD to score that last damn touchdown that kept me from winning $300!!!

      IF the score would have remained 41-21 i would have won!!!!

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        Was there a football game, yesterday?



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          TAMPA BAY RULES! My sister lives in near Tampa and says the whole city is going crazy. We live in St. Petersbirg when Tampa Bay became an expansion team. Tampa and St. Petersbug are very close in proximity, just a bridge over the bay. We used to go to all their games. They lost 26 consectutive games and when they finally beat New Orlens, 5,000 people met them at the Tampa airport, cheering. I was one of them. lol They were know as the Tampa Bay Yucks.
          TAMPA BAY RULES!


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            Dang...snow in Florida and now the Buc's are must be the end of the world!

            I'm happy for them, though. After 27 years of being the NFL's punchline, it's good to see their hard work over the last few years get rewarded.


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              I'm happy for them too, FlDawg. They were known as the Tampa Bay Yucks for a long time. A friend of mine who wanted the Raiders to win was really badmouthing them, saying they never could have won had their coach not been the Raiders coach last year. I told him,"You forget....He had to GET them to the Superbowl first." It truly is amazing.


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                It was good to see Tampa Bay win. All the students here were rooting for T/B. Well, there WAS one Raider fan but he left sometime in the 3rd quarter.
                The Raiders did set a new record though... 5 interceptions by a Q/B in a Superbowl.
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